We still don’t know the name of the flower that we saw that day. Forget-me-nots. They are these little blue, white, or orange flowers that grow frequently in the wild. During the last couple or three episodes of what is most likely the best anime that has aired this year, they showed these little flowers quite a few times. I’m fairly certain you can figure out the significance. ^__^

I personally have enjoyed editing this show, and I hope you guys have enjoyed watching it just as much. I’d like to thank everybody who contributed to the project:

Translation: Basaka
TLC: blakbunnie27
Editing: Rika-chama, Saoen, Nemui-kun
Typesetting: redd
Karaoke: ThaEagle
Encoding: JJS
QC: JJS, mattchewwu2, Nemui-kun, palmje, Saoen

Ep 11:


The last episode will be coming out soon, and next week we will be releasing our summer show so get ready.

Random TL/Cultural Note:
In case you’re not familiar with what’s going on w/ Tsuruko and cutting her hair: In Japan, when a girl gets dumped by her boyfriend/significant other/etc, she sometimes goes and gets her hair cut to symbolise a fresh start in her life.


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I can’t let that nub asagao have all the glory. I’m coming out of retirement just to post some lovely Naruko.

Also we know about the TL missing at the end song. And no we arent gonna fix it, its just kara after all


Well this is the first time we got delayed a week but hey it happens. I myself had no internet and neither did Ichigo69. But no matter because we are back on track for ep 8. But for now enjoy ep 7.


Had a short delay (More so then usual) because I have no internet, im currently writing this now with magic, isn’t it coal? Anyway here is ep 6, enjoy.


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Took a little longer then usual but sometimes it’s a price we just have to pay (You would think we would be broke by now right?). Anyway thanks for watching and enjoy episode 4.


Sorry for the delay. We got our raw a day or two late but other then that this show is getting better and better, so enjoy!


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Oh, yah. If we don’t release by 3 days after airing next week, its all Saoen’s fault. ( /msg Saoen where be that release? )

Also our magic 8-ball predicts there will be a minimum of 7 years before next ep of mm! is out.

Ichigo69 comment:
The Desu YO! thing comes from a Japanese comedian. Here’s the website, but it’s in moonrunes, so if you don’t know moon, you’ll have to googlate or babelfish it… Anyway, Menma says desuno after a lot of her sentences, which is where the wordplay comes in later in the episosde. This gets into an untranslatable wordplay which I tried to do something to bring it out, but probably failed… Oh well, enjoy the ep. This anime is turning out to possibly be one of the best animes this season.