I’m going to vouch right off the bat, I take no credit in this. It was just something I happened to run upon after a bit of snooping on the interweb.

Anyway, this is an ad on the latest Mercedes-Benz Class-A car that will be out in 2013. You know how those Japanese are. If it has something to do with anime, people will jump all over it. Oh yes, and I love Inital D too, so I guess it was more a gimme. And that ‘udon shop’ that they were referring to, is indeed the [Fujiwara Tofu Shop]

Now just for once, can’t I be a nigger and do the same? Either way enjoy the clip.

Torrent: [Torrent]
YouTube: [Mercedes-Benz Japan]
Facebook: [NEXT A-Class]
Information: [2013 Mercedes-Benz A-class]

Another one of Korokun’s WTFBBQ Random Side Projects®.

So this little lady is Kyouno Asuka (Geddit? Hyukhyukhyuk!). She’s not your normal, run-of-the-mill girl because she’s a bit of an airhead. So when she unthinkingly does and says ecchi things in public, people don’t know what to do with her. Korokun thinks she’s cute. I wonder why nobody tricked her into being a teenage hooker yet.

Supposedly there are seven more episodes floating out there, but since this series is being distributed through Japanese smartphones, getting raws is a teeeny bit difficult. We only got these episodes since somebody decided to release them on DVD for some reason. If anyone has access to the rest of the episodes, drop us a line.

Anway, grab it while it’s hot, and thanks to Keeper32 for stepping in and editing this thing <3

Edit: Aspect ratio turned out to be wrong (although it worked all right for me for some reason、even when I ran it on my test laptop orz) so here’s the v2 patch. You know what to do: extract, put original file in folder, run .bat file.