Dear LIME/Gotwoot,

“When time was tough you knew how to buckle up under pressure. That’s why I love you so. Oh let me count thy ways under the moonlight. My love for you is infinite and everlasting, although you act so tsun to me. Oh how I wish you will accept it and be one with me!”
– With Hugs and Kisses, Korokun.

Releases: 01 & (PATCH) / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

*CRC Rechecks: Below are the CRCs that ‘should’ of been if I would of checked it against the file itself. Here is the .bat to restore those CRCs to their correct hashes. Just place within same folder and double click file. It will rename the file to its respected new CRC.

Ep 1 – New: F2CA20BA / MD5: 820092E61BEFEF39A8A12444FC662C44
Ep 2 – New: 1C5B8E2C / MD5: 83E4A302A0E628FCB2F626AC09A2D0B1
Ep 3 – New: 37128981 / MD5: 73CCCFDE4B1A2731930CD6A8C25CA4E2
Ep 4 – New: F1019206 / MD5: DED0AFC6CB3CD725B71CC32428239CF9
Ep 5 – New: 5936E91D / MD5: B3A63B699F8E26B4705A16738EE756D0

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