>MFW no more Asuka

Welp, this project has taken us more than a little while, about a year and two months to be exact—mostly due to the fact that there were NO USABLE RAWS TO BE HAD, but we managed to release the entire series with a bunch of pretty subs to boot.

[Episode 20 HD 8bit] [Episodes 1-20 Batch]

So without further ado, here’s the roll call of the staff that worked on this series:
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>[Insert racist joke here]

Batch tomorrow.

[HD 8bit]

Asuka sees what you’re doing.

[HD 8bit]

>MFW I caught the case of The Itis two weeks before Christmas.

Oh yeah, and consider this your Kwanzaa gift, or something.

[HD 8bit]

Do you remember how old you were when you first looked upon absolute perfection?

I myself was about three.

[HD 8bit]

No striped panties? This is blasphemy!

New episode tomorrow.

[HD 8bit]

Now apparently eating ramen is sexy.

Also, too, thanks to these blog titles perhaps, this website is now blocked by my parental control filters 🙁

[HD 8bit]

>You’ll never get your head rubbed by a middle school girl.

I think I was barely able to keep the “new episode by tomorrow” promise by about 2 minutes, so enjoy.

[HD 8bit]

I… don’t even know why this episode turns me on.

Next episode tomorrow.

[HD 8bit]

Here we have the very special onsen episode, and *this* is the best picture I could find for the release post? -_-#

Also, they roped me into translating that other bullshit show we’re doing, so if these releases slow down, you know who to blame.

[HD 8bit]