It’s a bit early, but with UTC and Japan getting rather close to the new year, I want to make a resolution right here, right now. To me personally, m33w has come a long road, and I hope… no, desire a change in the right direction to give you guys more anime before we really burn out. Here’s to change, a new year, a new beginning, and a new tomorrow from us to you.

Happy New Years.

Yup, we’ll just keep on trucking. Next one shouldn’t be too long.

[HD 10bit] [SD 8bit]

Here’s another one. Just in time for the Blu-Ray release.

[HD 10bit] [SD 8bit]


The last gasp of a dying fansub group? We started doing this at the beginning of the season, then a bunch of bullcrap happened, and here we are. Will we finish this show by the time spring summer season starts? Stay tooned and find out.

We also would like to give a warm, m.3.3.w welcome to Fyurie who has stepped up to run the show in place of us tired-ass oldfags.

[Episode 01 HD 10bit] [ Episode 01 SD 8bit]

[Episode 02 HD 10bit] [ Episode 02 SD 8bit]

Some of you may have noticed over the past several months our releases have become stagnant, if not non-existent. I can safely say that no we are not dead, and yes we do have projects in the works. But we also have major changes in the works that will hopefully bring m.3.3.w back to where it once was. I no longer have the time I once had, and Korokun has been dealt a critical hit of real life. It is with sad words that we officially announce our retirement. It’s been a long time coming, but it needs to be done to have m.3.3.w go into a new direction. Rest assured we will still be around, but we will no longer be taking an active role. It is now that we look to the community for someone to take the reins and lead m.3.3.w down a different path. If you have the will, the experience, the dedication, and are willing to work with others to move forward then please leave your comments below, otherwise you may contact one of us directly on IRC.

We’re not quitting, or planning anytime to hang up our towel. We just need a STRONG, FIERCE, but LOYAL leader who knows what needs to be done so we can continue to still give you anime each and every season.

It’s been a long good run, but we will continue on like we always have.

Count on it.


Saoen and Korokun

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