As mentioned before, we’re doing One Outs as an additional project to fill in the fansubbing gaps. And, just as we announced, someone else releases. How nice of them. Either way, we’ll do this project in our spare time, so no promises on timely releases or whatever. Though, we are awfully slow on Rosario, aren’t we? Oh, well…

Available in two flavours as usual, h264 720p at 333MB and XviD 396p at 233MB. The h264 version is entirely softsubbed, including the typesetting and karaoke. If you can’t see the Japanese fonts in the ending song, that just means you don’t have Asian fonts installed. This is also a minimum effort project, so don’t expect anything fancy or whatever in it.

Anyway, please enjoy One Outs. If you enjoyed Akagi and Kaiji, you’ll probably enjoy this too.

Download: One Outs 01 (XviD) – [Bittorrent]

Download: One Outs 01 (h264) – [Bittorrent]

I’m happy to announce that we will be picking up One Outs. I’m a big baseball fan so I was hoping that Triad would have picked this series up by now. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re aren’t, so we decided to pick it up as a side project. I assume most people in fansubbing aren’t familiar with baseball at all, so this show deserves to have someone who actually knows the subject matter.

Now let me make a few things clear to you since this is a side project.

  • There is no timeline for releases. We will release whenever we have time to work on the show. Our other weekly shows have priority.
  • We will make no promise to finish the series. That’s not to say that we don’t plan on doing it completely, but if it becomes too much of a burden, we will let you know that we’re dropping it. We’re not gonna suddenly stop releasing and keep you guys wondering.


Anyway, expect to see episode 1 in the upcoming few days. I don’t know if we’ll do the karaoke. The OP is in English, and the ED is a bit hard to hear. We might just wait for the official lyrics. I guess you’ll find out when we release episode 1. 🙂

As for our other shows…

  • Rosario 03 – We’re really slowpoking this one. The replacement translator was a lazy bum and didn’t finish it until two days ago. Now we’re just waiting on the translation checker to finish his work. I’m hoping it’s out by the weekend. Episode 04 will go back to the old system of two translators since they aren’t lazy.
  • Chaos;Head 03 – Airs today and we’ll get started ASAP. This is our highest priority show of the season.
  • Earl and Fairy 03 – This one is at editing. I’m also hoping for a weekend release.
  • Telepathy Shoujo Ran 17 – Currently in translation stage.