This post here will mainly hold all the patches (if any) for all the series that we’ve worked on and any older ones as we deem necessary. Also we’re always looking for recruits so please stop on by and contact me via email (contact page), mirc, or pm (Korokun). Probably would prefer all three.

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Well, this year didn’t go as well as expected but truth be told it was a blast. And while there ain’t plans set in stone yet for 2015. I still want make some time for ya’ll guys and do some old skool shit (that has yet to be licensed – as I write this day) and some new skool junk as long as the crew is willing to do it. Wish us all the best and let’s keep on trucking through 2015 and beyond! Happy New Years!

This finally ends Mikakunin along with Toki-D and the joint with them, as they plan on disbanding if not already done before said post is up. Anyway, a batch will be up soon along with older shows as I plan on sliming our tracker down with just batches of older m33w-related projects.

If you have any requests for a certain show feel free to post your reply below.

On a side note, I’ve gained a sudden interest to revive the Sega Dreamcast game illbleed and give it a haul over making it a new remake of the series.

For more information following this and those to come follow:
Toru Koroshi / #Letsreviveillbleed

As for the new projects and those mentioned back early in the beginning of the year; we will not forget and will keep pressing on to victory and beyond.

As long as my love for anime stays, I will still stay doing what I like the most.

480p / 720p

Due to Daiz’s New Law, we will not be uploading any newer files to Tokyo Toshokan as it takes time and effort to do it, and… and… seriously it’s just fucking dumb to go through that needless waste of effort. Until they intergrate or… I don’t know… wade through the bullshit to get what you want, we’ll just be sticking with Nyaa.

You can find us via this link, and we’ll continue to go this route till something gives or changes are made.

I’ll update this post later after the SGC 2014 gaming convention in Dallas, TX, probably sometime after the 14th of July.

Until then, ciao.

Updated. Had quite a fun time and no, we’re not doing it for Daiz’s sake but because it really is retarded and there should be an easier method to upload to Tosho.

Ep 10 – 480p / 720p
Ep 11 – 480p / 720p

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1 thru 4 had an issue with the OP typesetting.
Same for 6+ onwards, as it just wasn’t included.
Since this was long overdue, there will be no patches for the previous episodes.

Mainly done for posterity’s sake, and the fact we are trying to finish whatever is left over from two season’s ago.

Thanks goes out to Kuroten, doplank, mep, and many others who bothered to QC this stuff… If I forgot your name, well I am sorry but know you are not forgotten.

Batch – 480p | Batch – 720p

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There might be some small changes being strung about, but mainly it concerns itself about future releases. Be it in soft (ass) or hard (afx), I care not how I deliver that as long as I deliver them to ya’ll. My love has and always will be anime, and if that is gone then I might as well hang up my hat, and move on to something I like more, like video games.

That being said, whether it’s new or old, don’t get mad at us if we do it one way and then the opposite the next. If you don’t like what we do there is always another group you can download. Either way this is what will happen in the future, so take it for what you will.

But I will continue to sub anime old or new, no matter how big or small the series is. As long as it grabs my interest anyway, and as long as my love for it still exists.

Finishing the show for posterity’s sake. Batches are at the end of this post. And I have nfi if we’ll bother witth the BD extras, but we shall see.

Torrent | Batch

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I guess we’re all 20% evil, and 80% good in a way. Even so, she was adorable. Continuing for posterity’s sake.


More sister-stalking-chan stalking like she only knows how. How many girls have you ever had stalk you on Valentine’s Day? Continuing for posterity’s sake.


Watch out Tomo! Ichika’s love is burning up only for you! You other girls beware! Continuing where we left off just for posterity’s sake. However, that being said both Nourin and Nisekoi are dropped. I may sweet talk a few people towards BD, but I seriously doubt it.


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m33w will be taking a vacation this upcoming season, and probably next season (we’ll see how that goes), but in the meantime we’ll be finishing all the projects that were left over for this season. There will be no project left untouched or incomplete.

That being said any and all older projects will now be up for grabs after the workload is done.

Currently since I’m offline (temporary using a monitor at this moment) due to my screen taking a crash and burn session, I’ve left all my work to Kuroten and Unit.

We will finish and most of all we will make sure to bring you the best of m33w all the time.