It’s been a long gruesome wait, but the grand finale and the final chapter of School Days is finally here. I’d like to thank you all for supporting us. It’s made the experience so much more worth while. The finale was preempted by all the other TV stations except AT-X. I think that in itself is quite a major spoiler to the expected events that would unfold in the final chapter. To the fans who were disappointed with episode 11, surely the finale will be a very satisfying conclusion. Nice boat!

Please don’t mind the weak editing and forgive us for any mistakes. It was only aired 10 hours ago and we blazed through the episode to bring it as quickly as possible to you all.

Errata: @17:12 Makoto says “Sekai…” and not “Thank goodness.” Sorry, I misheard.

Download the torrent: here.

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School Days School Days  

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Due to requests for a translation of the school days radio programme, by Kawaragi Shiho (Sekai) and Okajima Tae (Kotonoha), here’s a gist of what was said. You can listen to it here, though there’s probably not much point to it if you can’t understand what they’re saying.

In the first part, Tae-chan received a phone call from her mum the other day. Her mum heard her previous radio show and she sounded quite serious about it, so that frightened Tae-chan a bit because she thought that she had done something really bad. After a bit of suspense, her mum tells her that she mustn’t let her room be dirty. “Is that it?!”, Tae-chan thought. Shiho-chan responds by saying that her mum probably thinks that it’s really a bad thing.

After the intro song, they tell everyone that episode 12 had been cancelled and they are really sorry about it.

Some advertisements play about part 1 of School Days DVD going on sale and the Device High single (on sale now).

Mail from radio name, Picchirui-san: “I’m totally confused about ep 12! I was really looking forward to it, but they aired something different. Did I get the time wrong? Did I get the day wrong? What’s going on?! Am I dreaming?! So many things were going on in my head and I panicked.” etc. etc.

Next from radio name, Prince-san: “The circumstances were quite unfortunate. We supported you until the very end. Don’t feel down.”

Next from radio name, Kuni-san: “Kawahara-san(??who??), I watched ep 12, but it got cancelled. That has gotten me more interested in what happened at the end. Are you guys gonna do the radio again? Your radio programme rocks. Are you going to go mainstream. (Tae-chan sniggers) It makes me sad thinking that I won’t hear you two anymore. I’ll been supporting you. So since the anime got it’s broadcast lengthened, does this mean the radio show would too?”

They talk about when their final radio show would be. They mention probably not before the 1st DVD goes on sale. Maybe they would do it until they die. And they make fun of themselves talking about doing the programme in their 80s. “Welcome to the School Days Radio Show.” “It’s not very ‘school’ by then, is it?”

The move on to the next corner; it’s about what school life is like for other listeners compared to Makoto & friends.

Mail from Shounen-san: “Hello, I look forward to School Days every week. Please listen to my school days. I’m an exam student, and this is a problem with modern times. It’s about words (which is spelt the same as Kotonoha). During grammar questions I say ‘Kotonoha’ instead of ‘Kotoba(words)’. It’s a world(Sekai) of words(Kotonoha). Blah, blah, and Sekai and Kotonoha keeps coming to mind. Is this a fateful meeting?”

All the characters names have something in common (other than having surnames from past prime ministers) is that their names are also real words. Kotonoha(words), Sekai(world), Otome(Lady), Setsuna(sadness), Kokoro(heart), Makoto(honesty), Hikari(light), etc. The mispronouncing of ‘kotoba’ is a School Days disease, so be careful.

And that’s only one third of it. I hope that’s enough.

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Well, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: apparently, something big went down in the finale, so all of you waiting for some blood probably won’t be disappointed. But at the same time, it was so good that it failed to meet TV regulations or something and was instead replaced by 30 minutes of scenery. (That’s the bad news btw) The decision to air the final episode of School Days is still pending.

To watch the scenery: click here.

For the nice boat: click here.
Nice Boat
(Oh duh, I got it the wrong way round)Well, actually a high school girl (in real life) murdered her father in Japan, somewhere around Kyoto. She hacked the right side of his neck with an axe because she said she hated her father. So, they did not show the episode as a sign of respect.

For the official story: click here (Japanese).

And in English: click here

Here’s something special for you all, the subbed version of the School Days cast talk. Meet the real Makoto!

Thanks to rollchan who introduced us to the video and Haruno1215 for recording it.

Download from Bittorrent: here

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Few words can describe this episode without spoiling it. Let’s just say Makoto is a bad, bad person.

The next episode (which is the one after this) will be the conclusion to the series. I’d like to thank everyone for the support you’ve given us. Thank you for your patience since we’ve been so slow with the releases.

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School Days School Days

Finally getting to the half-way point from a series that ended among a year ago… We press on, continuing Himesama Goyoujin. Due to much delay via QC, I couldn’t say not much was getting done at that moment in time, but now, it will and shall be released!

What will happen to Himeko?

Err, Na-Na…

Poor girl… She tries so hard to get back her crown, but no one truly understands why she’s actually there, or the TRUE purpose of the crown…

As always, DDL is on


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Finally continuing on the series, Himeko, has been found by Minister Yimo of the Cat Kingdom of Dual…  What will happen to Himeko? Is she really the Princess of the Cat Kingdom?  Or does fate have something in stored for her?  Or for someone else instead…?

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…Sorry, for the long wait.

Sorta a nitpicker when it comes down to editing and getting the afx right.  Hope you enjoy the antics Himeko-sama has to put up with through series!

Makoto means sincerity and devotion. LOL. He’s just one controversial character.

By the way, that .ass file of SD10 floating around is a parody. Download at your own risk.

The real version is here. (bittorrent)
And for direct download:

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For our School Days full frills project, we are now actively looking for a typesetter. The responsibilities are choosing a good font and colour for the subs, creating and placing all the signs which appear throughout an episode and yeah, that’s it. You must have good knowledge of Advanced Substation Alpha scripting. Knowledge of Adobe After Effects is a bonus. Good artistic skills is required on top of technical knowledge.
To apply, please contact Korokun, Including some screenshots of your previous work will be helpful. Experience needed, we aren’t looking to train.

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