Looking for new fresh faces to join #m.3.3.w and help us relieve the old. Don’t know about the new but we’ll see as time comes. Feel free to email me at dog (underscore) man (three two) at hotmail dot com. If you put it all together you’ll get the actual email.

Now what I’m looking for is nothing special. I’ll teach you the ropes and get you started because I have plenty things I want done but have yet to be did. So that’s where you come in. We’ll take you in our family and see how things go. Where you wanna be, grow and prosper too. Don’t worry if your unmotivated I’m sure to find SOME way to motivate you back again.

Again taking all positions. You can be new or old, fresh or retired, or have the drive to step up and make things move by the touch of your finger. We’re here to make that all possible but it starts with you.

Feel free to email me but make sure you put in the subj m33w recruitment otherwise I’ll delete it. Good luck and best wishes.


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Happy New Years to all you once again!

Man, I have to say this year went by hella fast! I hope you enjoyed this year as much as I did and look forward to a long, healthy, prosperous live for the next year to come.

On other news, we’re still turning and burning although we’re lacking an encoder for the next season’s batch of shows, we won’t let that stop us short of our goals. As for me, I’m a nigga. Happy being a nigga, and plan on AT LEAST attempting to finish off the backlog of bullshit I call ‘work’, so you jews can enjoy it. Well that’s my goal anyway. If I’m still slacking like I am now when it comes close to 2013, I’ll pack my bags up and just say to hell with this. Hah. (*Ahem*)

Anyway, have a blessed and joyous year to come and I hope to see you all here (with this site still kicking and then some) at the end of the year. *cough* I meant Dec 31, 2012. Not 12/12/12 of course. =P

We’re in need of a few working bodies so if you have time come and join!

The positions are as follows:
Timers *(Contact me directly.)
Some QC **(Same as above or Saoen)

However, if you have what it takes to help, please talk to either me (Korokun) or Saoen via mIRC, or catch us idling in #m.3.3.w@irc.rizon.net!
And/or join #m.3.3.w-recruit@irc.rizon.net!

We hope to hear from you all soon!
*Available all times of the day minus nighttime. However timezones, and days maybe varied.
**Same as above but make sure you highlight him to catch his attention.

Pulling straight from DTOID:
Super Mario All-Stars Anniversary Edition for Nintendo Wii

Direct YouTube Link: WAKKA WAKKA *click me!*

Because, uh, yeah… ITSA ME, MARIO!

Out NOW!! – Order yourself a copy today!

**And no we’re not getting any extra percentage of sales because you click or pre-order from said link. 😉

Yeah, random at best but hey if you like the pasta eating, spandex wearing, “Mama Mia!”-ing, rescuing princess left and right with no hard feelings, “Luigi who-ing?”, friend of a nemesis of an ex-boyfriend, “I’m still going to nab your girl” plumber then go right on ahead and celebrate his birthday today!!

Yep. We’re still slow, but Mario OVA, Hen Zemi, Getsumen and Mitsu will come out soon… Just the question when is always a toughie at best.

Anyway here’s some links today:

Mario 25th Birthday!
Super Mario Bros on Violin!

Super Mario All-Stars Wii – confirmed!
Links: 1up
Video Gaming Blogger

Edit (09/22/10): Additional Links and Information.
Mario’s 25-Year Anniversary By Game Date

**Mind you I’m just doing this because I’m a fag for said plumber, and the current released OVA is horribad. However, in due time we will release it and you’ll see the fruits of our labour.

Mind you only a hand full of you, want this and we shall deliver a incredibly accurate translation of SMB: The Great Princess Peach Rescue!, but I have to question myself a bit here… So, I ask you the viewers who’ve played (almost) every Mario game in existence…

– Is there a ‘fling’ going on between Bowser/Princess Peach/Mario? (No Luigi doesn’t count, he gets that crazy chick Daisy.)

– Is Princess Peach really Mario’s boyfriend or just a booty call?

– Another thing… Just where in the hell did the Koopalings come from? (Don’t give me that Clawdia Koopa mish-mash. You know good in well that he (Bowser) wanted some ‘Sweet Peach Pie’ ™ any day of the week if he could get himself a slice of it.)

Please feel free to comment below. I’m sure there’s plenty more questions boggling your minds as you think about things like this. Esp those who’ve played New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

On a related note, there’s not much left for this, except some minor time touch-ups, a pre-created splash, very minor editing, then a release. I can’t work our dates and time for you because you know how that goes.

3domoe – Still temporary stuck but soon, soon a release I hope! Gotta get on him though. And good news! That show got a 2nd season in 2011! Only 8 shows but more content from the manga!!! One of my favorite scenes from 3domoe, is v3 ch 49, pg 81. Go check it out if you have a raw vol available!

While things aren’t always on the up and up, we all from m33w-staff, qc, and those who work underground wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Years.  May all things come to those who work hard and desire for a new self, goal or achievement in mind.

And it may not come to a suprise to you folks, but we probably will not pick up anything this season as well, but you never know.  I, for one, will not rest until the job is done.  Old or new, forgotten or stranded, I will push and pull till it is over.

Anyway, cheers to 2010!

We’ll keep you posted on any new news that may come!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, so I guess it’s about time I do. I wanted to make this post when we release episode 12 of Hanasakeru, but our editor has been a bit lazy and hasn’t completed his share of the work yet.

As you all probably know by now, we’re officially dropping Hanasakeru Seishounen because of the Crunchyroll license. We don’t do licensed shows, normally. And we’re so far behind anyways.

The licensing is not something I expected, as such shows typically aren’t licensed due to their low popularity. They licensed it starting at episode 16, and will release catch-up subs twice per week. We at m33w will sub the show only up to episode 15. I do not have the script for episode 15, which makes thing much harder, so we might only do until 14. Everything is translated up to 14 so far.

We understand the problem of region locking for Crunchyroll subs, that’s unfortunate. As of now, there are no rip groups for Hanasakeru. Hopefully, there will be one.

The only other sub group doing it, Hell fansubs, has dropped at episode 12, so that option is out the window. It is unfortunate that we have to drop it at this point of the show as it’s just starting to get to the best part.

I’m flattered that many out there would like us to continue work on Hanasakeru, despite us being unqualified amateurs. I, too, like having subs from the same group. It’s confusing when switching from one group to another as the styles and spellings of names change. For Hansakeru, the romanisations of the character names were only revealed in episode 13, so I was only romanising based on conjecture.

As you all should know, hopefully, Raginei is a fictional country (Don’t look it up in the Atlas, you won’t find it), and their names are made up as well. One thing that did feel very real though, is the political strife portrayed in the show. It’s very typical of the region. Every single country in the South East Asian region, even the economically powerful Singapore, is plagued with political problems;
– Thailand is practically in anarchy, with an unelected Government, and ex-prime minister Thaksin is facing corruption charges.
– Indonesia dictator President Suharto resigned from political pressure and unpopularity.
– President Marcos of the Philippines was overthrown and exiled.
– Singapore is practically a monarchy. The current prime minister is the son of long reigning former prime minster Lee Kuan Yew. Its democracy is ranked very poorly.
– Malaysia’s former deputy prime minister was convicted of corruption and sodomy. Those charges were allegedly staged, using corrupt judges and police officers, to remove him from power.
– Oil-rich Brunei (pronounced Broo-nye, unlike Raginei) is a monarchy with a very wealthy sultan who is not afraid to flaunt it.

How do I know all this? Well, I’m from Malaysia. The political story in Hanasakeru: very realistic. Plotting, backstabbing, corruption, bribery, coup d’etats and whatnot.

And on a final note, just some random thoughts. I figured it’d be quite interesting to see Hanasakeru in English, simply because that’s what they’re supposed to be speaking. Although what’s coming out of their mouths is Japanese, they’re supposedly speaking in English. After all, when you put an American-born half Japanese, a Singaporean, a Frenchman and a Ragineian (fictional former British colony) together in the same room, you get m33w. Just kidding. But, they’re not gonna be speaking Japanese, that’s for sure. It’s funny how a language like English can bridge so many cultures.

Well, this is going to be the first time in 2 years that we’ve not had a weekly show to release. But it’s been a great run, hasn’t it? Do look forward to next season though, as we will be doing some new shows. Thanks for reading this long blog post.

Hi, guys! Merry Christmas to you all. I’m writing this post because m33w needs your help. As you may already be aware, we normally have a no-donation policy. Unfortunately, advertisements alone cannot cover cover our server costs. We honestly make VERY LITTLE from the ads.

Currently, our main distro guy, Waryas, pays for the server out of his own pocket. We want to move to a better server, as the current one doesn’t have satisfactory international speeds. (The server in question is separate from this website server) The monthly costs are still about the same, which is about 58 euros. However, he doesn’t have enough money to cover the setup fees. He needs a balance of 38 more euros to cover the setup fee in moving the server. That is roughly 55 USD after paypal tax and conversion costs.

So, the amount we need is 55 USD, which is quite a fair price, don’t you think? Please click the paypal link below to donate. You will be donating to Waryas’s paypal account. He’s the person in-charge of our server. Without this server, you will get no bittorrent seeding. That is bad. You will be paying for one of these OVH servers. The only thing you’ll get for donating is our continued service in subbing.

Thank you again for supporting us.

edit: Thank you all, we’ve hit our donation target.

Special thanks to the generous donors, Alexander, Phillip, Donna, Paul and Keith.

It’s birthday season here at m.3.3.w! Let’s put our hands together, and fish out those cakes for our venerable xess, and spunky SpiegelEiXXL, who are getting greyer and wiser and adding an extra candle to their birthday cakes!

They both were very quiet about their birthday’s, so I thought I’d share it with the world and it’s only natural that we should take this opportunity to thank them for all their tireless hard work, enthusiasm and dedication, in bringing out those fabulous subs that we all enjoy. I hope they go and do something fun for their birthdays (and eat lots of cake).

In other news, our former partner, Baka-Wolf, celebrates it’s one year anniversary today.

There is a cake.

The cake is NOT a lie.