Just how many more episodes can we take before Kazehaya gets a backbone? I can’t take this 6m&30s suspense staredown. Grab her and tell her “I love you, and I’ll never wanna let you go, girl

In other news: FBW 06-10 batch next.


New week, new subs. As of the time of writing this, I’m going on a field trip to go look at rocks. You know, rocks aren’t nearly as pretty as Sadako. You know, Sadako sorta reminds me of Akiyama Mio sometimes. Specifically, if Mio were to have a romance side anime a la Toaru Something Something Railgun (YOU WA SHOCK), it’d look something like this episode.

In this episode of Kimi ni Todoke, we find exactly the sorts of nefarious research Sadako has been conducting under the guise of medicinal herb research. Pin tries to expose her for what she is, an envoy of Nyarlathotep — you’ll have to watch the episode to see the climax.

On a serious note, this is my summary of this episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fa7AtI1msk#t=4m17



(Everything is Fabulous)

Sorry for the long delay ladies and gents. It was entirely stalled by our good friend asagao (Within good reason). And Im sure he will be around later to spice up this post as well as explain himself as for the large delay. Even with the delay though we still <3 asagao for the hard work he puts in. so *clap*. Also if you want a “treat” reach into the mystery box release and either rage or lol.

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