Just so you guys know, Koichoco was pre-empted these past two weeks so that Japan could watch themselves get the Silver Medal in Football (that’s soccer to you ‘murikkans who think that handegg is football…). Anyhoo, TBS will be broadcasting Ep

isodes 5 and 6 of Koichoco back to back on 16 Aug (Japan time), so we’ll actually have to work twice as much for getting to slack off (even more than we already do). So… Watch warmly while it loads. ^__^

So yeah… we reverted to type I guess… I’ll blame the Jew… erm… the Olympics and #NBCFail this time for us being so late… Yeah… that’s the ticket. On a separate note, while blaming the Olympics, Koichoco wasn’t aired this past week b/c of some sports stuff. That’s our TBS for you… It can’t be helped. (We’re 100 years too early to complain about it, anyway)

Oh, and bullying is bad, yo…

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