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Well its finally done. Hope you enjoyed the ride. We are going to release the batch later so we can do some touch up on a couple things. Now its time for the spring, thanks for watching!

Episode 10:

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

Just how many more episodes can we take before Kazehaya gets a backbone? I can’t take this 6m&30s suspense staredown. Grab her and tell her “I love you, and I’ll never wanna let you go, girl

In other news: FBW 06-10 batch next.


New week, new subs. As of the time of writing this, I’m going on a field trip to go look at rocks. You know, rocks aren’t nearly as pretty as Sadako. You know, Sadako sorta reminds me of Akiyama Mio sometimes. Specifically, if Mio were to have a romance side anime a la Toaru Something Something Railgun (YOU WA SHOCK), it’d look something like this episode.

In this episode of Kimi ni Todoke, we find exactly the sorts of nefarious research Sadako has been conducting under the guise of medicinal herb research. Pin tries to expose her for what she is, an envoy of Nyarlathotep — you’ll have to watch the episode to see the climax.

On a serious note, this is my summary of this episode:



(Everything is Fabulous)

Sorry for the long delay ladies and gents. It was entirely stalled by our good friend asagao (Within good reason). And Im sure he will be around later to spice up this post as well as explain himself as for the large delay. Even with the delay though we still <3 asagao for the hard work he puts in. so *clap*. Also if you want a “treat” reach into the mystery box release and either rage or lol.

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I’ve been growing out my hair since July of 2009. There have been times (mostly summertimes) when it’s been tough, but having long hair is awesome in general, and extra cozy in the winter. Additionally, you can use it as a pillow by folding it up in layers, allowing you to sleep almost anywhere. It can also be used as a windbreaker for your face on cold, windy (and especially snowy) days. And when you whip yo’ hair back and forth I was just thinking — Sadako’s hair is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY nice. Especially at the last few minutes of this episode, before the ending credits, you get a lot of hair shots. It’s so pretty <3

Now, that really told you nothing about this episode, did it? Without spoiling anything… So, it’s a couple weeks before the school festival now. In a lot of anime, you might notice that a lot of big build-ups happen leading up to a school festival (School Days, for example comes to mind, with that bonfire dance, and poor Kotonoha ;_;). Well, Kazehaya almost

Oh wait, no spoil. Here are some non-descript pictures that will tell you nothing about the episode. I chose them mostly because I think they go well together as an art set.


Wow, never saw that twist coming, did you? How the show remains captivating despite all the cliches and contrived plot twists that keep the two lovebirds apart is literally something to behold. Oh wait, never mind that, it’s the side characters that keep things interesting. The two main characters either bore me to death or make me want to strangle them.

Anyhoo, here’s the fifth episode for all our very loyal fans out there.


Another week, another stalled episode. I mean, realistically, you didn’t expect m.3.3.w to keep up that 1-2 day release schedule forever, right? (I have received a kick in the face message from Saoen stating that we will be resuming speedsub-ish releases next week.)

In this episode, there is a lot of confusion, and male hormones acting up, — oh, and RAGE. There’s no real theme to the episode, and, in fact, I’m rewatching parts of the episode right now to recall what happened… hmm… well, there is some “character development,” and some “realisation” and some “bubbles” (okay, lots of bubbles)… oh, and Kurumi-chan <3.

Random Frostii K-On!-style random side commentary: man, Kazehaya is a wuss. Why doesn’t he just confess already (other than the whole, well, what would we do with the rest of the season business), instead of making backhanded butthurt remarks to Sadako and asking people if they think Sadako and he are “distant” or whatever? Then again, when I was in high school (which wasn’t *that* long ago), I was a consistently whiny wuss too, so maybe this is “realistic.” But, on the flipside, I wasn’t a tall, handsome guy with girls always following me around, either. (I’m still not.) I mean, if he’d watched any shoujo anime in the last 5 years, he would’ve been able to tell the signs of “I’m just too shy to tell you how I really feel,” right?


P.S.: Yesterday also marked my third anniversary with m.3.3.w as their TLC. A special thanks to all of the staff, past and present, who made my entry into the world of fansubbing a joyful one.

asagao here again, to summarise stuff without summarising it at all. In this episode, there are a lot of Sadako reaction-faces, and they’re all high-quality, so right off the bat you know this is going to be a good episode. Apart from that, we learn more about Kento’s personality, learn what that garden Sadako was planting in episode 2 is all about, and learn some math.

Hmm, I think it’s time for some TL notes. A Kokeshi doll is a wooden doll, almost always female (as far as I know). We have a few at my house, so I’m pretty familiar with them. They’re old-fashioned little things, but they have a very distinctive shape: their bodies are cylinders. For more information, jfgi, etc.

At some point, there’s a joke about an ant. The word for ants (アリ, ‘ari’) sounds the same as another word (有り (I think), ‘ari’) that means roughly ‘to have’ or ‘to not be impossible’. In the case of this episode, it refers to (as I understand it) *spoiler* Kento’s growing perception of the appeal of a girl like Sadako. */spoiler*

Finally, it seems that another prominent group (unfortunately, not Lunar — I <3 alpha-timing) has begun releasing episodes of Kimi ni Todoke S2 as well. We think that’s very cool of them, and, quite frankly, welcome the competition. So, no, as a matter of fact, we won’t be dropping KnT. We will ‘deliver to you’ (search this on tokyotosho for an “adult” (16+) bonus 😉 ) only the best qaulity subs at slower-than-speedsub-but-still-pretty-fast speeds, until this series ends. Thanks for caring.


In this, the second episode of KnT, we welcome in the start of the second school year for Sadako & co. This episode formally introduces (oh dangit what’s his name again..) Miura Kento. Yeah yeah, I know, technically you saw him and his classmate Teru in episode 1, but you just thought they were bit characters at the time, huh? WELL SURPRI–


This episode has a bit more mopey high-school introspection than usual, which is to say, it’s overflowing. That’s cool, I guess — this time it felt a bit forced, but maybe that’s just me. If you like Great Teacher Pin, he’s sorta the star of the (important parts of the) show this time around. Also, the desks are really nice-looking. I want one. So pika-pika shainii~

Ichigo69 Edit: Somebody brought something to our attention. Evidently there are a couple of places where you get something like this.
This is caused by some random null character deciding it was going to invade our script. The perpetrators of this heinous deed have been hunted down like the dogs they are, flayed alive with knives, hung by the neck until almost dead, disemboweled, and then shot. They should pose no more threat to your wonderful Kimi ni Todoke 2 experience ever again. We fixed the script, but since this is really, really minor and might not even affect anybody, we’re going to put the v2 in the batch and not worry about it until then.

Koro’s Edit: And below the patch to fix problem for both. Just delete the one you don’t need.
(480p) CRC: 318401A0 MD5: CAE776517F4E08113FFADBB5F5F85ACF
(720p) CRC: 12EFFA53 MD5: 86CACB2CDC4D5B9D5632C83A3CD6899B

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