Hi boys and girls, Saoen here.

This is a really good episode of Itazura na Kiss here, I watched it three times it was soo good. After watching this I want to become a doctor so chicks dig me, wish me luck!
So without further ado here is episode 12.

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I’ve got a request for those out there who’d like to help. I know Ran comes with Japanese subtitles in the broadcast (because it says so at the start of the show), but none of the cappers on Share encoded the subtitle stream (I think). It would make my life much easier as it can be difficult to rely on listening only, especially for stuff like names, technical words (i.e. I don’t know the gibberish that Ran’s father said before lactic-acid bacilli), and made up words. If you can obtain it somehow, please show me how to get them as they come out.

Note, the manga is completely different from the anime version, so that’s completely useless as a reference.

In episode 01, I noticed an error at 16:09. It’s actually not “It’s your fault.” The mother is saying a different type of “kimi”. It should be something like “You’re a freak” or “sickening” or “disgusting”. Something along those lines. If you find other errors, just correct it yourself.

I (xess) have a lot of free time compared to the rest of the group, so I’m doing this as a personal thing. However, since there aren’t any other English subs out for Ran, you’ll have to make do with the rubbish I produce for the mean time (or watch it raw, or not watch it at all, or watch it in Chinese subs).

Correction: Episode 02 19:24 “You follow?”
Should be: Should I lend it to you? or Wanna borrow?

Ran 02

Download: The Ep 02 script (right click save as)

Download: The Ep 02 video

Here is Special A 12.

Without going into too much detail, one of our staff members was robbed at gunpoint at his work place, so he was understandably shaken up. He’s okay now, but we told him to take some time off.


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Oh, here’s something new. However, we are NOT picking this up as a project. I had some free time and I did this as a teaser of sorts. It’s one of the first new shows of the season. About psychic girls and such.

The translation is unchecked, but can’t be too far off from what they’re saying. Others may make use of it if they want. Just trying to garner some interest with the show.

Telepathy Girl Ran

Download: The script (right click save as)

Download: The video

To Love-Ru (Ayako): Yes, this project is still alive. SpiegelEiXXL has been busy lately with school, (but apparently not too busy to do other shows that Ayako is doing -_-) so he hasn’t had time to work on it. At first I was just editing this show, but Ayako’s reliably unreliable translators disappeared and recently this show has become the burden of myself, xshadowfire, and xess. xshadowfire has also recently abandoned ship, so now it is basically just me and xess keeping that show afloat.

Meanwhile, Chihiro keeps putting out their speed subs and we haven’t even released episode 9 when episode 13 is gonna air in a few days. The timing is very lazily done and this show is clearly not high on SpiegelEiXXL’s priority list, as I’ve been grilling him to work on the widescreen versions for the past two months (those will be released under the Ayako-BWS tag. This show should have been a joint in the first place. -_-) but to no avail. Any normal person would have ragequit a long time ago, but I hate to leave things undone in the middle, so I’m torturing myself with this garbage. To quote myself,

[22:22:30] (tun) NOBODY KNOWS MY SORROW

Seto no Hanayome (BakaWolf-m.3.3.w): This project is also still alive. If To Love-Ru didn’t become such a burden, I would have more time to work on this. But between my full-time summer job, both Itazura and Special A, and To Fail-Ru, I’ve had no time to devote to this. The timing and TS for this god forsaken show are also ridiculous and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. I feel bad because when I first announced that we were doing it, I made it seem like we would get it done in a timely fashion. So much for that.

Minami-ke Okawari (Ayako-sae): Oh guess what, another missing translator. taqmir graciously volunteered to translate the last 2 untranslated episodes, but he’s not exactly the most reliable or quickest of translators. I might end up translating this one as well. We’ll see.

Allison and Lilia: I like this show, but the pacing of the story is excruciatingly slow. They waste so much time on boring crap while we have to sit through Wil being a completely blind idiot who can’t notice Allison’s feelings. I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see the making of Lilia (if you catch my drift). All of this other political drama and Ker and Fiona’s relationship bores me to death. It reminds me of another anime, Saiunkoku Monogatari, which wasted far too much time (78 episodes) on minor characters and uninteresting plot lines instead of the main characters and their relationships. Like I tell people, character driven animes are far and above their plot driven counterparts.

Kurenai: Horrendous ending. Simply horrendous. Kurenai was easily one of the better shows this season, but that ending really did nothing for me. Perhaps 12 episodes wasn’t enough to flesh out those characters. The amount of idealistic cheese at the end of the episode simply drowned out my tender affections for that show. It had such a great stable of characters but they were all euthanized before they even got on the track. It’s amazing that a show like this only has 12 episodes, but a show like To Love-Ru requires 24-26 episodes of pure, worthless, fanservice garbage.

Possible future projects: Well I was gonna pick one up, but with all of my work, I’ve decided not to do so. If you see a summer project by us, I won’t be involved in it.


tl;dr – me crying a river and needing to build a bridge to get over it

So I was reading the horoscopes on a local newspaper’s website and look what it had for Aquarius. Maybe these things aren’t so bogus after all.

Your Daily Horoscope – Aquarius Tuesday, June 24th 2008 Be careful of burning the candle at both ends this week, Aquarius. You may be expected to pick up more than your share of work, but your well-being also needs to be taken into consideration. A little psychic tender loving care can go a long way in helping to rejuvenate the mind and body. Not taking time to look after yourself can result in silly mishaps. You come first. Keep it that way.

Here is Special A 11. This one made me rage to no end. You’ll see once you watch.

In other news, our typesetter, ThaEagle, went to Iceland for vacation (1 week) so xess did the typesetting for this one. Please thank him for doing even more work than he usually does. ThaEagle picked a good time to go since Itazura 12 won’t be airing this week.

Speaking of vacations, I haven’t been on one in 3.5 years now… Any suggestions? I would like to get out of the country (America) for a while, most likely during my winter vacation in January. Don’t bother suggesting Japan; I don’t have the money to go on the kind of trip that I want to. That’ll have to wait for another vacation. 😮


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Please note that Itazura na Kiss is not airing this week. I repeat, it is not airing this week. It did not air for whatever reason. Probably a holiday for the staff? Thank you for your attention.

Sorry for the wait, but here it is, the complete batch of Hime-sama Goyoujin. TV Series only though till I can purchase the R2J DVDs for it, so both of us can finally understand what the hell Princess Na-Na, has been saying throughout the entire series.

Special thanks to the staff of m.3.3.w & Baka-Wolf (BWS) who busted their asses getting this to you:

– Sosero (for breaking his ass timing the series, when I needed him, although he cried many MANY times doing it.)
– Saoen (good QCer.)
– SpiegelEiXXL (being there when I needed his wonderful karaoke.)
– BiGGuY (for encoding the series the bizillonth time.)
– Kyonkun (for being my personal pet timer the first time)
– Norgus / asagao / Fighter 747 (for getting & understand those puns I thought I’d never get.)
– euronymous (my faithful and wonderful karaoker that came to me at the last minute, when I needed it.)
– ThaEagle (the one and only typesetter who busted his ass throughout the entire series, when I harassed the hell out of him to finish it.)

And to the rest of you, who’ve helped me in one way or another in m.3.3.w-staff, and Baka-Wolf, I sincerly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, to those of you, who are curious… Although, we may have some unfinished projects leftover we will finish them up this summer. (Koharu is definite, LGC is so-so…) Plus, a series that was kinda left over from a failed joint but we’ll make sure that you’ll get to enjoy it to the fullest.

hime sama hime sama
hime sama hime sama

And some more shots:
screen caps

P.S.: Episode 10’s title is wrong from what it says on MPC, but that’ll be fixed when I have the DVDs, and/or I get around to harassing ThaEagle to fix Episode 10’s title. =D

P.P.S.: I love you too, as well Leginag.  He knows I sure as hell gave him a few swift kicks in the ass to get it timed too. Though I was picky then a mofo.

Download: Hime-sama Goyoujin [Complete] – [Bittorrent | Direct Download]

Download: Hime-sama Goyoujin – Candy☆Pop☆Sweet☆Heart PV – [Bittorrent | Direct Download]

tun here. I think I’m in heaven with Itazura 11.


Lateness. Please give your thanks to our encoder, BiGGuY, for staying up extra late to get the encodes done.

Episode 11 notes:

This doesn’t refer to the salary you get after retirement. It refers to the lodging version. It’s probably never used in English, but I never bothered changing pension to something like inn or lodge or whatever.

Orienteering is a sport involving cross-country running and navigation. It’s probably little known because it’s not an Olympic event.

We’re not exactly sure what kinda dessert this is since we’ve never eaten it before. But apparently it contains fruits, syrup, red beans and agar jelly cubes. Here’s what it looks like with a scoop of green tea ice cream. Yum yum!

And some screenshots of episode 11 since people seem to take more notice of the posts if there are pictures.

itakiss 11 itakiss 11
itakiss 11 itakiss 11

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Here is Special A 10. So-so episode for the most part. I think episode 11 looks pretty interesting though; that airs today.

Itazura na Kiss 11 should be out tomorrow or two days from now.

Also, please don’t talk about the whole CR issue that’s been going on for the past few days. That’s water under the bridge now, as far as I’m concerned. I have no problem with our episodes being on CR, but all that I ask is that they be respectful and not accept uploads that aren’t our official releases. My only other criticism of CR is that they simply accept the first uploaded fansub (usually a shitty speedsub) and never bother to replace it when a better one comes out. To me, this is a great disservice to the anime community that they serve. I appreciate the fact that they took down the pre-release episode 10. Please give them my thanks.


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