Well boys and girls we are finally finished. We would’ve been finished many weeks ago but our encoders motherboard fried into the unknown. He recently got it all back up and some more goodies are on the way as well



Also since a couple people have been asking. Yes we will be doing the Working!! DVD’s. As for when you will see them, all I can say is the DVD’s are a side project for the most part, but they are on the slate to be done.

As usual the blog will be updated when I got more info.

Here is some moar Working!!

12 and 13 to soon follow ~~


Here is some more Working!!

The rest of Working!! should be soon to follow, sorry for the delays, it wont happen again.

here is the v2, if you got the patch already ignore this. Otherwise download away


Ichigo69 Edit:

Right, I went ahead and made an xdelta patch, so if you already have the original version and just /have/ to have the v2 and don’t want to download the whole thing again, just go here and extract the contents of that zip file into the same directory that the [YuS-m.3.3.w]_Working!!_-_10_[h264_480p][4D71A81E].mkv file is located and follow the instructions in the readme.txt.

Episode 9 of Working!! is good to go.

More to follow soon.


And for reference boys and girls, here are some TL notes:

Okay people, just to clarify a few things that came up in this episode (with as few spoilers as possible):
First, you all knew that kanji can have multiple readings, right? Well if you didn’t, they do. So anyway, the name “Takanashi” is written using three kanji (you won’t care, but they are “Small”, “Bird”, and “Play”). When you remove that last one, you are left with “Small Bird”, which can be read as “Kotori”.
The episode also contains some references to the Setsubun demon, and to Hanako (under Fictional Characters). Follow the links for Enlightenment! (Or don’t).
Speaking of Hanako, that “-ko” ending is a fairly common way in Japan for girls’ names to end. Likewise, an “-o” ending is often seen in boys’ names. Why are we mentioning this? Watch the episode and find out!

Double releases for the win.

9 and 10 soon to follow (Sometime this year maybe?)

7 @ h264

8 @ h264

Yah yah we are slow we know.

7-9 to follow soon


Sorry for being slow fags, that’s how we roll.


Im starting to really like this show

Hope it doesnt turn into aids anytime soon.


Here is Working!! Episode 03. Enjoy.

And a status update on Mayoi Neko Overrun:

Ep 1 is (For the most part) good to go. As is Ep 2. Ep 3 is at editing and TLC apply. The plan right now is to release 1-3 at the same time so we can catch up (slowfags much)

Nonetheless we will put em out…soon.


Finally we have episode 02