Sorry for the delay (again) this time though you can blame Rika-Chama. So feel free.


Long overdue proj. since ‘index-said-encoder’ was busy. Didn’t want to disappoint my thai friends any longer then I did before, I just took and released this one. Do expect erratic releases on it since it’s not as high priority as it should of been back in ’09, but it’ll be done. Just bery, berry, sworrly…

CLICK ME! (Sorry ‘xvid’ fans! We ‘originally had this planned with dual audio in h264 [thai/eng – eng being default] – xvid – [eng only]. Currently, however it’s in english only and shall stay that way.)

P.S.: Just a special note, if you need your quick fix gone go to Wasurenai, cuz I’m sure they’ll finish it before we will. However you’ll just get your dear ‘eye candy’ and ‘quarity translation’ like you always do from us.

P.P.S.: I apologize if said splash is a bit louder then the original audio of the said raw. ;_;

My Internet has been out for like two hours, shits not very cool. But I’m finally back up so here is MM! Ep 7


GAAAAH…. Late again, typesetting issues… orz. (but we try to do the best that we possibly can – for whatever relief that is to any of you……….)

Anyhoo… less DBZ in this ep.  More bro-con and ‘son-con'(?) in this one.

Here’s the link to the torrent and as always, it’s available on the DDL, too.


Oh, the note at the end of the episode is pretty much taken directly from the light novel and, of course, it doesn’t exactly turn out according to keikaku (TL Note: keikaku means plan).

Seemed like the OVA hit it’s peak over a week ago landing about a good 3k, or so. Thanks to all you supporters and what have not. Instead of y’know (v2-ing) it like I originally planned some odd ass days ago, here’s a ‘PATCH‘ to fix the audio issue that’s sorta noticible after Momotaro.

– Just unrar, add file to folder click v2.bat. It should make it all nice, shiny and pretty for you, with less timing issues.
– And for those of you fail at patching that, go to our archive and hit up the file with the new crc. No it’s not getting a v2, just a ninja crc for a quick fix.

Thanks for your time. More things to be released later in the month.

Here’s the OVA and the link to those uninformed of it.
(P.S. In before half of you plug up a USB controller and “Push Start.” before reading the wall of tl;dr.)

Synopsis and Q&A below:
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Here is episode 5. As for the delay Im not sorry this time, cause I dont feel like it.

So enjoy