Be sure to /msg Rika-chama and say “Thank you for the delay” he will thank you lots

< &Rika-chama> /msg Saoen I hate you SO MUCH…
< &Rika-chama> /msg Saoen Don’t make me leave you and the kids….


I can’t let that nub asagao have all the glory. I’m coming out of retirement just to post some lovely Naruko.

Also we know about the TL missing at the end song. And no we arent gonna fix it, its just kara after all


This is asagao. I used to TLC here. Then I retired, a couple months ago. Now I’m back.

And I bring news.

So, some of you people actually liked that Munto TV series. A while after it ended, there was a movie, and we said we were going to release it. And we never did. I lack employment. It will be subbed and released shortly.

Other news: goof is awesome

And, if I continue to suffer from unemployed-itis, I may finish another project that I worked on with another group… hmMnH…

SUMMER SEASON?! No news there, but we’re thinking about it. You should dump in the comments what you would like us to do, so we can disregard your input. Don’t take a dump in the comments though, that would stink.

has a list of anime with summaries and such. That is all.
also, I’m graduating in a week

Well this is the first time we got delayed a week but hey it happens. I myself had no internet and neither did Ichigo69. But no matter because we are back on track for ep 8. But for now enjoy ep 7.