Sad to say we sat on this for 2 years before Frostii even thought of the idea to do it. Got it translated in 2010, and here we are summer of 2013 and… “Why am I making you wait even longer?,” I ask myself.

This is the ‘no-frills’ full-on translation of Tetsuko no Tabi.

‘No-frills?’ you say? What I mean is:

– no typesetting.
– no chapters.
– no karaoke.

All translation, all the time. So that when the DVD release comes you’ll be enjoying the real copy you’ll be keeping later. “But, but, I don’t mind waiting!” You’ve waited long enough, my young pupil, and you shall wait no longer.

However, saying that the reason mostly it was stalled is because I had no active typesetter and editor (I mean I did it but come on!) So that’s where you come in. Feel free below the comments and or email me personally (subj: Tetsuko no Tabi) any errors you see. And if you’re willing to step up to the plate there’s always a recruitment drive available just for you.

Anyway, enjoy. It’s been a rough 5 years, 9 months and 18 days before this series got a full on translation and release. Thank you OTF for your inspiration in making this one little rare gem possible.


(Oh Yokomi, you’re such a player. Episode 12 spoiler alert.)

I had an interest in doing all 3 for awhile, just… never got to them. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (or Ninja Cat Legend Teyandee), was a spur of the moment deal, while Tetsuko, I eyed down since it aired back in ’07; making a dream now an reality. Himehime, well… “It’s about damn time you got around to those DVDs!,” as toybox would tell me. With all its glorious and fantabulous typesetting.

**Himehime is ordered chapters. Just slap the files in the same folder with the OP/ED and your gtg. Might also need the latest CCCP, because I had Zar ‘blow up’ the ts for the logo on KNT. This is just incase your computer lags. *cough* Well, at least it’s not a BSOD font. =p

KNT 01: Torrent
TnT 00: Torrent
Himehime: 01 | 02 | 03

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