Here we have the very special onsen episode, and *this* is the best picture I could find for the release post? -_-#

Also, they roped me into translating that other bullshit show we’re doing, so if these releases slow down, you know who to blame.

[HD 8bit]

This is asagao. I used to TLC here. Then I retired, a couple months ago. Now I’m back.

And I bring news.

So, some of you people actually liked that Munto TV series. A while after it ended, there was a movie, and we said we were going to release it. And we never did. I lack employment. It will be subbed and released shortly.

Other news: goof is awesome

And, if I continue to suffer from unemployed-itis, I may finish another project that I worked on with another group… hmMnH…

SUMMER SEASON?! No news there, but we’re thinking about it. You should dump in the comments what you would like us to do, so we can disregard your input. Don’t take a dump in the comments though, that would stink.

has a list of anime with summaries and such. That is all.
also, I’m graduating in a week

Okay, so we finally got this done. I’m sorry it’s taken so long. Contrary to other people’s opinions, I actually really liked this show, and I think Ep 13 ends the series quite well. We’re not going to issue an individual torent for Episode 13 and the SD for Episode 7.5. If you just want those, you can get them from one of our bots in our IRC Channel or on the DDL.

HD Batch Torrent
SD Batch Torrent

About MM! No, Virginia, we haven’t dropped it. It’s waiting on Typesetting (which seems to be a common occurance – Oh, the price we pay for godly typesetting…) and will be released soon. Also, we will be releasing Working! with a DVD encode (Cheers to Desbreko for encoding those for us ^__^ ) as soon as we can get them fine-timed to the new encodes and re-muxed in. And before you ask, there are no Blu-Rays for Working! (at least none that we’ve heard of…) No ETA, but hopefully by the end of the year (or at least before whomever licensed it in R1 releases theirs).

Hey, asagao here. I’ll be back (fingers crossed) with m.3.3.w again after a two-season break, hopefully to get subs out to you guys slower than ever at the high quality that you have come to expect from us. I’ve taken a cursory look over next season’s shows, and of course what you guys recommend won’t *really* matter, except in the case of a tie-breaker, and even then probably not, but I’d like to know which shows you are looking forward to for next season.

Shows we will not do:
Kimi ni Todoke S2 (Frostii will hopefully release more than one episode per month)

Projects we have dropped:
Seto no Hanayome (licensed/I don’t care enough about this show to spend 20 hours/episode checking the translation)
Eve no Jikan OVA (not enough translators to go around in this world)

Lastly, I heard some people (one person) ask whether we’re still doing Sora no Woto 13. I’ve heard from a reliable-ish source that it will be released before (either) the (Gregorian or Lunar) New Year. It is currently sitting at edit, so you know whom to complain to.


Right now we are currently looking at doing Onii-chan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (Really long fucking name) and 1 or 2 others. Any input is appreciated. But be warned. If certain shows become over subbed we tend not to touch them, or if they are being done by groups that don’t suck we dont touch them.

As for Sora no woto it is stuck at the editing stage, which I intend on fixing very soon if not now. But for the most part its completed and just waiting for an edit.

You know how it works. You plan something it goes up in smoke, then you push it for a later date. Since I got rid of both 3domoe post and SMB, I’ll just post it here:

– SMB OVAs – Temp stuck at timer w/ a REALLY LOOONG OVA. You can still look forward to this in the future with the 3 minis.
– 3domoe – My love for the show has yet yielded. You guys don’t have much options when it comes to subs, and we want to deliver them accurately as best we can from the manga to your doorstep soon. Yeah, there’s going to be delays but whadda expect out of m.3.3.w, eh?


– Getsu – Hopefully, we’ll have this encoded and released soon (Maybe this week?)
– LGC – I think after the top two I’m going to focus more my attention to finish this show, maybe… before 2011.

Yeah there’s other projects still due but, I’ll let Saoen fill you guys in on that soon. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. =P

Since a couple things have changed I’m going to update everyone on whats going on.

I’ll start off by letting everyone know that Osaka Hamlet (Which was due to air this summer) is not going to air (To my knowledge) so we decided to go back and do Hen Zemi, which we originally planned to do but later changed our minds (Yes we changed our minds again). We didn’t know anything about Osaka Hamlet till about 2-3 days ago so this was a last minute thing. So you can expect to see Hen Zemi soon.

As for our other projects I stated earlier that we were doing the Eve no Jikan series, Pale Cocoon, as well as Aquatic Language. We are now just doing the two OVA’s and the Eve no Jikan movie (Eve no Jikan Gekijouban for you weeboo’s).

If anything else changes it will be on this blog


With the new season rolling around I think it’s about time I threw down an update to keep everyone up to date.

Before anyone asks, yes we are doing the Sora no Woto Special (Episode 7.5 to be exact) and it is being Translated soon (If not now). And as for Working!! I had to remove some un-needed staff and it should start to move more smoothly from now on, expect to see the rest of Working!! along with a batch I would say in the next week or so (granted that we don’t have any more problems).

As for the new season. Yes, we are doing a new show. We are going to be doing Osaka Hamlet (If it even airs), and when Working!! is done we will be doing Eve no Jikan, as well as it’s counterparts (Feel free to call me out on my stupidity on this show since I have never seen it). Right now there is no air date for Osaka Hamlet, nor do I know if its even going to air at all (I just assume since its listed its going to eventually).

Any questions you know where to find me


I buckled down and finished Rosario 13 editing last night. Gotta check the script, but everything else shouldn’t take too long. There was no real typesetting, and encoding will take a couple hours. It could take a bit to check the script though, since there are many things I wanted fixed.

I will also not be handling Nogizaka season 2. That’s Ichigo60’s project now. That’s it for now.

Reinforce`zwei, get your ass on Rosario 13 now.

Ichigo69‘s Edit:  Hmm… didn’t know we had an Ichigo60, but no, m.3.3.w will not be doing Nogizaka S2.  However, some certain dog-sound group will possibly be doing it…….

Hi. Long time no see. This update was triggered by a 4chan thread about the CR subs for Nogizaka S2.

There were subtitle encoding errors in the HorribleSubs release, but as a couple astute anons pointed out, the problem of shitty translations remains. Now, I would like to do this show. I don’t particularly care about licensing. The only reason why we aren’t doing it is because Jaka is busy (lazy) with school and has no time to take on any full time project. I honestly have no idea about the availability of the other staff members who worked on season 1, because I barely talk on IRC anymore. Jaka suggested that I simply edit the CrunchyShit subs and fix up the translations where I can. I’m gonna download the first episode and see if doing that is worth my time. If it is, I guess I’ll do a solo project by myself with just the fixed up subs, very basic .ass typesetting (within my skills), maybe some basic karaoke if I can get someone to do it, and someone to encode this mess. If I do decide to do this, you might see the return of a certain canine inclined fansub group.

As for the other shows…
Rosario 13 – As Korokun said in the previous post, this is all on me basically. I’ve edited about 5 minutes of episode 13 since the release of episode 12. This episode is just particularly shitty, which has killed my motivation to do it. I’ve also started working full time so I don’t have nearly as much free time as I used to. I get home from a long day of work and the last thing I want to do is waste my down time on fansubbing. I had nothing to do tonight and I was actually going to sit down and do it, but Windows 7 does not want to cooperate fully with Aegisub. ATI has decided that they won’t want to support my shitty graphics card under Windows 7, so I’m stuck with this garbage Windows 7 basic driver that doesn’t include OpenGL drivers. If anyone of you want to help me find a driver, I have a ATI Radeon x1600 Pro (yes, I told you it was shit), and I’m running Windows 7 64 Bit. I downloaded that Catalyst legacy driver thingy and it doesn’t update my shit. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just hook up my old Windows XP hard drive this week and work on it.

Seto 22 – asagao is taking his sweet time doing the translation check on the script. I guess I can’t complain since I’m being a lazy POS about Rosario. Episode 23 needs to be timed… I don’t think Kile knows yet that he has to do it. 😮 The translator tried to contact me; I’m assuming it was about episode 24. I missed him though, so we never spoke.

Here is our IRC staff channel topic so you get a sense of how much time/effort we’re wasting.
HS 14: edit @ ichigo(ETA TONIGHT USA TIME) ||| 15: @ TLC apply |Seto 22: v1.1 @ asa, 23: Timing@Kile| Capu2 13@tun || AIR 02-06 @ TLC apply (ETA ep 2 this week); 07-12: TLC@koro || JGD09TL@beef(ETA 9/??-5%) | HATSUKOI SPECIAL 01 UP BD 01&02 SoftTS | Munto movie @ TL | HimeHime DVDs: QC

HS stands for Hanasakeru Seishounen. Yes, Ichigo69 is still wasting time on that crap that’s been dropped for months already. I already lost the fight to get it completed so it’s just a waste of time at this point.

Seto 22 is the same as I explained above. So is Capu2 13.

AIR DVD’s. Jesus Christ, could there be anything more pointless?

JGD is Jang Geum’s Dream. I feel kinda bad since beefy spent (wasted) his time translating the first eight episodes. Korokun even bought the DVD’s so we could release them in Korean audio. I would love to do the project but I’m so wary about starting a new project when I have other projects to finish. If I finish Rosario, I might spend time on this. I gotta re-think what to do with the romanization of Korean because I should technically stick to the revised romanization, but that would mean that names like Kim, Lee, and Park, are romanized as Gim, Yi, and Bak. I’ll think of something though.

Hatsukoi Blu-Rays should have been out weeks ago but they somehow got forgotten/neglected. This is not a priority at all to me, so I’m not really gonna try to get anyone to start/finish it.

Munto Movie is at asagao, so you know that will never get released. Sorry buddy. 😛

HimeHime DVD’s are Himesama Goyoujin DVD’s. We took like 3 years to finish this shit from old m.3.3.w and now Koro wants to do the fucking DVD’s. Not my project so I’m not gonna do anything about it.

Just an normal update for those who are curious about m33w’s status:

“No plans yet for the fall, and what was /suppose to/ happen with Nogizaka didn’t because CruchyShit will simucast it.”

Either way, tis all good.  We may have plans for other series that may or may not strike our interests.

Fall Series – blog link for those lazy: Chart Fag

However for the time being those who are curious here’s older projects that I still have in mind to get done, along with other interests, because I’m an old school translator.

Here are the following and their status updates:

Cookin’ Idol Ai! Mai! Main! –  (Something SpiegelEiXXL bought to my attention and fell in love with. Will pace myself with translation on this soonish.)
Himesama Goyoujin DVDs –  (All @ QC and TS, will not have tl notes littered all about, but will do a tl;dr reference/pun in the “Bored” section of this website)
Getsumen To Heiki Miina DVDs –  (All 11 + 2 SPs @ Typesetting. Hopefully won’t take another year.)
Master of Epic –  (Finishing up translation on the 6th out of 12 episodes. Expect a batch on that soonish, and DVD version to follow.)
Rosario + Vampire ~Capu2~(All up to tun. Might have to abuse him later this upcoming week. Do have TSer supplied for doing both Seasons in DVD once he finishes Getsumen To Heiki Miina.)

Misc. Info:
*Love Get Chu(Because it hasn’t /still/ been finished yet by C1.)
*Penguin Musume Heart –  (For reasons /other/ then Chihiro.)
*Koharu Biyori(Personal fav, but rather lazy at it. Maybe inspired soon.)
*Rakugo Tennyo Oyui –  (Two reasons why it’s a fav:  1. The pink haired girl Yui, and her side-kick rich snobbish blonde.  2. The troubles she gets herself into. Let’s just pray I don’t fall asleep and manage to finish this as soon as possible, however it won’t :suck: as much when I did it with LIME Anime.)
*Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou(No comment. Kinda a knock off from Morning Musume tbqh. Shoddy 3d + good 2d. I think the song was the only thing that caught my attention. Quite easily influenced if it’s not utter crap.  …Strange how I tend to pick up one or two shows to watch randomly when seeing ‘yu’ sub them.)
*Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuutsu DVDs & Nyoroon Churuya-chan –  (Combined projects with plans to follow up with Yuki to finish this up soonish.)

*Mind you these are in no particular order… Just shit that needs to get done when it can get done.

…Can’t think of anything else but this was like a random rant/update (Personally, it might not of been a rant however…) at the same time, but we don’t find something this fall (Sequels R’ Us + Shoddy animation & Shitty plot…) we’ll come up with something for you chaps in the winter.

Don’t fret we’re not down for the count yet! Nor will we ever be!