Koro Edit: ItAint couldn’t think of nothing witty, so here’s the releases. Note, that the two still have the seiyuu commentary if you want to watch while they comment on the episode itself (unsubbed of course), it’s there just by switching the track. Since the main is default you can watch both at once. How nice!

JFYI, we plan on subbing all the specials Zoryouchuu has, (on top of completing it) along with S1 and it’s Drama CDs from BD vol. 6 & 7. So stay tune for more Mitsudomoe soon! And if your lucky enough to visit Japan in May, the site updated itself by mentioning they’ll have a Mitsudomofest at Shinagawa Stellar Hall. However my moonspeak is still lacking so, I’m sure with a few good friends you’ll be able to enjoy meeting the seiyuu behind the misfit trio, as much as I did. (Personally, I like Sugisaki more, as well as her mom.)

Ep 14 – BD Special Only: 720p / 1080p & **(patch)

**Oh, uh right. The only reason for the patch is the last line that I failed to add in as Sugi was talking to her mom.

References in the manga:

Act 1: Volume 02, Chapter 031
Act 2: Volume 06, Chapter 113
Act 3: Volume 04, Chapter 078
Act 4: Volume 07, Chapter 133
Act 5: Volume 07, Chapter 119

I’ve been growing out my hair since July of 2009. There have been times (mostly summertimes) when it’s been tough, but having long hair is awesome in general, and extra cozy in the winter. Additionally, you can use it as a pillow by folding it up in layers, allowing you to sleep almost anywhere. It can also be used as a windbreaker for your face on cold, windy (and especially snowy) days. And when you whip yo’ hair back and forth I was just thinking — Sadako’s hair is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY nice. Especially at the last few minutes of this episode, before the ending credits, you get a lot of hair shots. It’s so pretty <3

Now, that really told you nothing about this episode, did it? Without spoiling anything… So, it’s a couple weeks before the school festival now. In a lot of anime, you might notice that a lot of big build-ups happen leading up to a school festival (School Days, for example comes to mind, with that bonfire dance, and poor Kotonoha ;_;). Well, Kazehaya almost

Oh wait, no spoil. Here are some non-descript pictures that will tell you nothing about the episode. I chose them mostly because I think they go well together as an art set.


Wow, never saw that twist coming, did you? How the show remains captivating despite all the cliches and contrived plot twists that keep the two lovebirds apart is literally something to behold. Oh wait, never mind that, it’s the side characters that keep things interesting. The two main characters either bore me to death or make me want to strangle them.

Anyhoo, here’s the fifth episode for all our very loyal fans out there.


Another week, another stalled episode. I mean, realistically, you didn’t expect m.3.3.w to keep up that 1-2 day release schedule forever, right? (I have received a kick in the face message from Saoen stating that we will be resuming speedsub-ish releases next week.)

In this episode, there is a lot of confusion, and male hormones acting up, — oh, and RAGE. There’s no real theme to the episode, and, in fact, I’m rewatching parts of the episode right now to recall what happened… hmm… well, there is some “character development,” and some “realisation” and some “bubbles” (okay, lots of bubbles)… oh, and Kurumi-chan <3.

Random Frostii K-On!-style random side commentary: man, Kazehaya is a wuss. Why doesn’t he just confess already (other than the whole, well, what would we do with the rest of the season business), instead of making backhanded butthurt remarks to Sadako and asking people if they think Sadako and he are “distant” or whatever? Then again, when I was in high school (which wasn’t *that* long ago), I was a consistently whiny wuss too, so maybe this is “realistic.” But, on the flipside, I wasn’t a tall, handsome guy with girls always following me around, either. (I’m still not.) I mean, if he’d watched any shoujo anime in the last 5 years, he would’ve been able to tell the signs of “I’m just too shy to tell you how I really feel,” right?


P.S.: Yesterday also marked my third anniversary with m.3.3.w as their TLC. A special thanks to all of the staff, past and present, who made my entry into the world of fansubbing a joyful one.

For those of you who have questions now is your time to have them answered! Kinda…

Now most of the questions come in the form of MM! I can say right now that all the scripts for MM! are complete and good to go. The problem now resides in the typesetting which all of you know we hold to a very high standard so expect some more delays on that end until we find a TS’er with enough time (And skill) to complete MM!

As for KnT2 it is still moving forward at a steady pace as usual. Currently its being TLC’ed and will be edited once the editor decides to come back from the dead.

Also we have seen the spring lineup and are looking into what we may do (If anything) for the next season. Suggestions are welcome but will most likely be ignored.

Anyway if you have questions you know where to find us

~Saoen out