Yeah, random at best but hey if you like the pasta eating, spandex wearing, “Mama Mia!”-ing, rescuing princess left and right with no hard feelings, “Luigi who-ing?”, friend of a nemesis of an ex-boyfriend, “I’m still going to nab your girl” plumber then go right on ahead and celebrate his birthday today!!

Yep. We’re still slow, but Mario OVA, Hen Zemi, Getsumen and Mitsu will come out soon… Just the question when is always a toughie at best.

Anyway here’s some links today:

Mario 25th Birthday!
Super Mario Bros on Violin!

Super Mario All-Stars Wii – confirmed!
Links: 1up
Video Gaming Blogger

Edit (09/22/10): Additional Links and Information.
Mario’s 25-Year Anniversary By Game Date

**Mind you I’m just doing this because I’m a fag for said plumber, and the current released OVA is horribad. However, in due time we will release it and you’ll see the fruits of our labour.

Mind you only a hand full of you, want this and we shall deliver a incredibly accurate translation of SMB: The Great Princess Peach Rescue!, but I have to question myself a bit here… So, I ask you the viewers who’ve played (almost) every Mario game in existence…

– Is there a ‘fling’ going on between Bowser/Princess Peach/Mario? (No Luigi doesn’t count, he gets that crazy chick Daisy.)

– Is Princess Peach really Mario’s boyfriend or just a booty call?

– Another thing… Just where in the hell did the Koopalings come from? (Don’t give me that Clawdia Koopa mish-mash. You know good in well that he (Bowser) wanted some ‘Sweet Peach Pie’ ™ any day of the week if he could get himself a slice of it.)

Please feel free to comment below. I’m sure there’s plenty more questions boggling your minds as you think about things like this. Esp those who’ve played New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

On a related note, there’s not much left for this, except some minor time touch-ups, a pre-created splash, very minor editing, then a release. I can’t work our dates and time for you because you know how that goes.

3domoe – Still temporary stuck but soon, soon a release I hope! Gotta get on him though. And good news! That show got a 2nd season in 2011! Only 8 shows but more content from the manga!!! One of my favorite scenes from 3domoe, is v3 ch 49, pg 81. Go check it out if you have a raw vol available!

A lot of people have been asking whats going on since we haven’t done much for a while so here is an update to clear some stuff up.

Hen Zemi right now is stuck at TS since our TS’ers PC is down for the count (Hopefully should be back soon) but let it be known that Hen Zemi has alot of signs so it will still take a bit of time for it to be completed, no one wants shit right?

As for the Eve no Jikan movie it has yet to be TL’ed, but I intend on lashing the TL’er soon as he comes around again.

Other then that we are waiting for a full lineup to select a fall show (maybe two who knows) and when that comes around we will announce here what we are gonna do.

Any questions you can find me on IRC

Out of the 3 Mario games for the Nintendo Entertainment System(tm), (SMB, SMB 2 USA, SMB 3) which one do you remember most during your childhood? And why?

Make sure you give reasons why you support your opinon.

**All survey data will be used to create a particular splash you’ll see later when we “do” release this, to keep said release(s) from looking so dull.

You know how it works. You plan something it goes up in smoke, then you push it for a later date. Since I got rid of both 3domoe post and SMB, I’ll just post it here:

– SMB OVAs – Temp stuck at timer w/ a REALLY LOOONG OVA. You can still look forward to this in the future with the 3 minis.
– 3domoe – My love for the show has yet yielded. You guys don’t have much options when it comes to subs, and we want to deliver them accurately as best we can from the manga to your doorstep soon. Yeah, there’s going to be delays but whadda expect out of m.3.3.w, eh?


– Getsu – Hopefully, we’ll have this encoded and released soon (Maybe this week?)
– LGC – I think after the top two I’m going to focus more my attention to finish this show, maybe… before 2011.

Yeah there’s other projects still due but, I’ll let Saoen fill you guys in on that soon. Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about you. =P