Here is Special A 11. This one made me rage to no end. You’ll see once you watch.

In other news, our typesetter, ThaEagle, went to Iceland for vacation (1 week) so xess did the typesetting for this one. Please thank him for doing even more work than he usually does. ThaEagle picked a good time to go since Itazura 12 won’t be airing this week.

Speaking of vacations, I haven’t been on one in 3.5 years now… Any suggestions? I would like to get out of the country (America) for a while, most likely during my winter vacation in January. Don’t bother suggesting Japan; I don’t have the money to go on the kind of trip that I want to. That’ll have to wait for another vacation. 😮


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  1. kamui
    12:01 am on June 21st, 2008

    Thanks Guys:-D

  2. old man
    12:03 am on June 21st, 2008

    usa is nice but dont go to the NW of the contry go more in the SW or NE part I my in OR and theirs not a lot over here

  3. KingBee
    12:10 am on June 21st, 2008

    Come australia, melbourne *wink* visit me lol…no im seriouse, e’ll sho you around the city n everything xDD. and you can sleep in my room ROFL! no..i am really seriosuse about this..exhange student (i love having exhange studen living with me..its so fun). Melbourne also host quite so japan-style event. Its ithe japan style or korean. Usally one of those. Theres one like every 2eeks 😀

    Anyho thx for ep11! 😀

  4. brasileiro
    12:11 am on June 21st, 2008

    what about rio de janeiro? lol

  5. cca
    12:11 am on June 21st, 2008

    Vacation? Is that edible? 😛

  6. Aurelius
    12:34 am on June 21st, 2008

    I think Europe has some nice contry’s to visit. Depends on what you really want though. What things do you like to do when on vacation?

    I could suggest a couple^^

    Also, thank you for the subs:-)

  7. Burnt Toast
    12:47 am on June 21st, 2008

    Go to Mexico!

  8. mam04
    12:57 am on June 21st, 2008

    hmmmmmmmm holiday huhhh i havent even been to one….anyway tahtnx for subbing it

  9. nitta
    1:07 am on June 21st, 2008

    Thx guys

  10. yy
    1:40 am on June 21st, 2008

    ahh grr this ep pissed me off too
    cute but..was lookin forward to ..

    thanks for the subs! =]

  11. thank you so much for this episode^^

  12. carbon
    3:36 am on June 21st, 2008

    Mexico is a blast even if you don’t got a lot of time or money, my old job as a truck driver would put me where I could spend a day south of the border a few times a year and that convinced me that my next full blown vacation will be down that way, good people and great food plus rich history equals much winnage.

  13. Brook
    5:45 am on June 21st, 2008

    thank U all 😉

  14. Mijerin
    6:14 am on June 21st, 2008

    Come to Denmark 😉 Best country in the world!

  15. Yo
    6:39 am on June 21st, 2008

    Spain is fine these days 😛 anyways, thanks for SA 11 and thank you ThaEagle for your extra hard work

  16. ae2zi
    6:51 am on June 21st, 2008

    Thanks so much guys!

    Europe is one of the option, or you can come to Australia just like KingBee said. It’s great here!

  17. Rooke
    7:23 am on June 21st, 2008

    Oooh! Another dane, just like myself. Davs Mijerin. Denmark would be a good idea, it’s a bit boring though. Have you thought about London?

  18. Dbooz
    7:35 am on June 21st, 2008

    wait..hikari IS a girl?

  19. DD
    8:13 am on June 21st, 2008

    Vacation to southern africa. 😀

  20. DD
    8:13 am on June 21st, 2008

    edit for above:

    even w/ the us dollar value decreasing, $10 can buy you a home 😀

  21. bill
    8:30 am on June 21st, 2008

    Take a look at Cozumel, Mexico. That is an excellent place to go, and if you want a party, you can always go to Cancun on the mainland.

  22. goodbad
    8:38 am on June 21st, 2008

    If you want hot chicks and not too warm weather you should try sweden in the summer.

    If you’re going in the winter i can recommend the canary islands. Great place

  23. Thanks for the episode!

    Come to Mexico, as bill sadi, Cozumel or Cancun are good options, Los Cabos is also great place and is nearer to America.

  24. Mijare
    9:28 am on June 21st, 2008

    You said you didn’t want to go to another country, so that rules out Cali and Texas. I would actually say, go north. Canada and Alaska are positively gorgeous, and since it’s summer… It’s some of the best sights in the world. Wherever you end up, enjoy!

  25. xess
    9:41 am on June 21st, 2008


    “I would like to get out of the country (America) for a while, most likely during my winter vacation in January.” – tun

  26. dragonflyhuntress
    9:44 am on June 21st, 2008

    go to canada! is a beautiful place and you c an have some time to relax! Thanks for these subs and special thanks for xess for his double work! love you guys

  27. asagao
    10:16 am on June 21st, 2008

    Three and a half years? That’s nothing — I haven’t been on a vacation in … five years now, I think (and that was an optional school field trip to DC). You should go to Canada, and then take a small detour to visit me on the way back 😉

  28. tripledouble
    11:45 am on June 21st, 2008


  29. Hazel
    11:49 am on June 21st, 2008

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    But I’m just wondering if the RSS feed for your site could be fixed. I use RSS feeds to see all the latest updates for many sites, but I can’t on your site because its broken. 🙁

  30. bennymex
    11:57 am on June 21st, 2008

    i agree… go to mexico… cancun, puerto vallarta, or acapulco… in that order… i really liked puerto vallarta tho… but cancun is a great party place… if you just want to relax go to puerto vallarta.

    also, you took your time with this one. i watched it in japanese the other day. tho i didnt understand much 😛

    hope the one that is coming out tomorrow you sub it a bit faster.

    thanks anyway… ill watch it right now in ****.. 😛

  31. Zeroshock
    12:02 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Yay.. thanks for your hard work 😉

  32. pestyfied
    12:15 pm on June 21st, 2008

    try Sweden ^_-

  33. GS059
    12:42 pm on June 21st, 2008

    lol, I would like to go on a vacation too, the last one I went on was almost exactly 10 years ago in ’98…

  34. chic
    1:44 pm on June 21st, 2008

    What about Turkey? beautiful country, friendly people & yummy food^^…what else do ya wish for?

    P.S. thanks 4 subbing this episode…

  35. bennymex
    1:54 pm on June 21st, 2008

    turkey is to far. plus if your there either france, italy or holland because i bet you like pot would be better options than turkey. israel seems to have allot of tourism too.. it must be nice..

  36. Mih
    2:01 pm on June 21st, 2008

    What was the name of the song when they were riding the motorcycel?

  37. xjuanx
    2:45 pm on June 21st, 2008

    go to mexico
    quick summary based on my experience

    cancun ~5 stars~ has got some great ruins/temples that are open to the public, great for relaxing with nice beaches, plenty of bars and restaurants

    puerto vallarta ~hotel was awesome ~ a somewhat recent expantion and named nuevo vallarta i recommend u stay at the riu(hotel) they have an all expences paid package and you wont want to leave i went out for while for souveneers i didnt like the other beaches too small and too many animals

    acapulco ~4 stars~ simalar to cancun just doesnt have temples/ruins

    and yes they are great during january
    people speak plenty of english
    and the “dont drink the water in mexico” is a myth
    and crazy hot women may want to have sex with u

  38. reesh
    3:01 pm on June 21st, 2008

    go on a cruise!!! its the cheapest way to travel all over. maybe to europe, mexico, or something!!!

  39. xess
    3:22 pm on June 21st, 2008


    whinging at our speed won’t make us go any faster. What’s your age anyways? 13? 14? I just don’t want to believe that it’d be possible for an adult to say the things you’ve been saying. Is this revenge for our m30w release?

    Respect, maturity, understanding, empathy. Get to know those.


    I honestly don’t know why the RSS feed doesn’t work any more even though I never touched the code on it. I looked at the code and the page source and it seems valid to me. Either way, anyone with a solution on how to repair the feed, please tell me straight away.

  40. This is Spartacus
    3:56 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Suggestion for vacation.

    You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t even need a transport, just buy a lot of cough medicine and have a nice trip!

  41. Fighter747
    4:37 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Amsterdam. ‘Nuff Said.

  42. DD
    7:33 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Not the ending I would have liked, but I can finally use this word and give it meaning.


    Thanks for subbing m.3.3.w

  43. Kari
    9:34 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to this episode *o* (it’s probably one of my fav scenes in the manga XD)
    Hope TheEagle has a safe and fun trip =)
    Why don’t you come to Canada =D?

  44. Yuuki
    10:15 pm on June 21st, 2008

    Come 2 australia 😀

    ~GREAT place (;
    ~lots of places 2 visit >D
    ~Much tourist attractions haha

  45. 45
    12:10 am on June 22nd, 2008

    Thanks you guys are great!

    I don’t travel much, what the people above me have said sounds fun though. 🙂

  46. Tidus
    1:08 am on June 22nd, 2008

    Guantanamo Bay, they serve a special sandwich.


    thanks for the ep.

    I would suggest about anywhere in Europe. I love this continent.

  47. Siba
    10:23 am on June 22nd, 2008

    Bungee jump as a punishment? XD since when?
    Anyway, the ending was cute ^_^

  48. come to Europe xDD.
    Paris is nice. Amsterdam is nice x33. London Rocks.
    and tokyo is the bomb…..wait tokyo isn’t in Europe-.-‘
    Tnxx for the subs x33

  49. Asuka
    8:03 pm on June 23rd, 2008

    one moment…since when is america a country? that’s new to me…but if you wanna get out of “there” you can come to Switzerland, but it’s kinda hot lately (it’s better when you can go ski and everything is covered in snow)

  50. Kameko
    8:49 am on June 27th, 2008

    LOL it was lulzy the episode but I was looking forward to the one day of being mine :s