Lately I have been reading “You guys are slow fags, MM! ep 12 is already out qq lol” so I’m giving this update to tell everyone whats going on.

MM! is currently stalled but it should be finished before KnT 2 airs (Which is Jan 4th). It is stalled currently at editing and typesetting. We strive for the highest quality possible as quick as possible. But with the typesetter having finals and the editor just being all around busy they just havent had the time to give it their full attention.

As for Hen Zemi it is finally done and will be released as soon as its encoded. We had to go outside the norm a little bit with it and elected to joint with Doki to finally get it finished. To note Doki did all the TS’ing so give them props for not losing their minds in the typesetting nightmare.

And as previously noted by asagao we are going to be doing Kimi ni Todoke s2 for the new season. And the plan right now is to get it out in 24hrs or less and the staff is fully committed to doing so. Either way though its going to come out as quickly as possible.

Any questions or complaints (Which im sure there are both) either post them here or find me on IRC.



  1. Geese1
    7:26 pm on December 22nd, 2010

    Thanks for the update on MM! – I’ve been sticking with you guys thus far so it’s good to know I won’t have to switch over to another group for the remaining episodes.

  2. Jay
    7:40 pm on December 22nd, 2010

    So KnT2 and no other show?

    I believe I said in the winter announcement post that we were considering possibly another show other than KnT? It depends on staff interest/availability. If we do another show, however, that show won’t be at crazy-fast speeds, although we will try to avoid super-slow subs. — asagao

  3. Druid
    12:24 am on December 23rd, 2010

    24hr release? I wish you great luck in that(not knocking you here), as previously stated of aspiration. I guess im joining in with Jay above, any other shows?

    I think 24 hours is a bit tight of a schedule, considering the TLC is a college student in his senior year, taking 17cr/qtr… but we’ll see. A.F.A.P.

    And Mr. Saoen, I am a big sucker for romance shows(possibly why i keep coming to M33W knowing I can get my fix)
    in order of likes for anime:
    1. MOE, MOE, MOE!!!!
    2. Romance(ie: good story line with LOVE interest)
    3. Comedy(better if includes love interest)
    4. Horror(don’t need love interest but does need mind f**k weirdness and gore)
    5. Tech(with the exception of XamD because it had 1-4)

    1. Moe~ Moe~ *KYUN*
    2. The only pure romance show I see this season is KnT… but I guess there’s “I DON’T LIKE YOU AT ALL BIG BROTHER!” We’re considering that one.
    3. Is dis a zombii? Actually, heck, we’re considering that one too.
    4. See (5).
    5. Uh, we don’t do sci-fi shows unless they are also romance/love comedy shows.

  4. philip
    12:25 am on December 23rd, 2010

    Only Questions and Complaints? No praise? :[

    Why are you guys so awesome? :]

    In order to cultivate our awesomeness, we age our anime for 3 weeks after translation stage. It’s a complex process; only legendary groups like Menclave and Frostii surpass us in the “aging” category. –asagao

  5. Stef-san
    3:24 am on December 25th, 2010

    even if you guys would take months… I would never change the subgroup 😀 cause you are great and have good quality subs.

    And for me… you subbed one of my favorite anime Inazuma na kiss <3

    keep up the good work and good luck in high school stuff an work 😀

  6. Lilly
    8:53 am on January 3rd, 2011

    It has been a very long time since I last watch any show subbed by you guys… I think the last one was Itazura na Kiss. Looking forward to coming here on a weekly basis when Winter 2010 finally starts!