I’m sure some of you have been wondering where the fuck the new episodes are at. Well here is a status update to put out the fire.

Episode 5 was delayed for a bit because of real life issues, but we are now back on track with the rest of the show. As for Episode 6 it is currently being QC’ed so expect to see 6 soon. And just in case your wondering. Episode 7 is being edited as we speak and should be at QC sometime tonight.

And now I give you a message from the TL of the show:

“Hii minna-san! I’m quite new to this whole thing, so I probably don’t know many of you yet, but to introduce myself!, I’m midsummer and I’m your translator for Sora no Woto 🙂 I’d like to apologize for our episodes being so late lately – school and real life and all that got really hectic for me – but I’d like to assure you that things will be picking up really soon! Episodes 6 and 7 are already tled and will be out asap, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue at this pace! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ ^^”

Anyway enough fucking around. Here is episode 5, enjoy.

h264 | XviD

Sorry for the delay, life sucks. Here is Episode 04, Enjoy.

h264 | XviD

Riveting tale chap.

Here is episode 3 enjoy

h264 | XviD

Oh my two in a row?! Row row fight the powa!

Anyway here is episode 2, enjoy.

h264 | XviD

Im too lazy to make a legit blog post.

So here is So.Ra.No.Wo.To Episode 1


h264 | XviD

Edit: While I’m equally lazy too I have to hand it to Saoen to take the ball and run with this project.  I’m equally thrilled to work on something new with Yuurisan, while still tackling older shows that ‘will’ get done.

So.Ra.No.Wo.To. is like a cutesy moeblob gone war, with lots of beautiful visual to boot within it’s 3rd world imaginative country name, Seize! Personally, (although I am working on it…) I will definitely keep up watching this show as much as possible to see what’ll happen next,  and I hope you will too!

Edit2: Didn’t know Seize was a real city afterall! It seems the staff of Sora no Woto did some pre-prepping too! (Cuenca, Spain)