You know, there’s something about Haruka’s personality that I don’t really like. I think it’s how she’s always saying sorry this and sorry that, and that “I’m so helpless without you, Yuuto,” blah blah blah. I understand that this show is supposed to be catering to losers who wish they had a girl who was completely submissive and dependent on them and all that, but, seriously, I get tired of it after a while.

Now, Haruna, on the other hand… is a mature, sexy lady who’s not afraid to set that lacrosse ball on fire with her well-executed shots. And that’s hot.

I’d like to note that Crunchyroll’s translation for this episode improved significantly. Good job guys, seriously.

In this exciting and slightly scandalous episode of Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret, Haruka and Yuuto… um…

(Haruka: “If you *** it ** so deep…”
Yuuto: “L-Like ****?”)

…Haruka and Yuuto attend a doujinshi fair! (TL Note: doujinshi are self-published works from amateurs and sometimes professionals primarily in the fields of manga and anime (note courtesy of CR)) Also, a couple tsundere from well-known anime make guest appearances, and… what else… Oh! You lolicons out there are going to love this episode. Just thought I’d mention that.

By the way, we all have a working understanding of Japanese sound effects, right? Koku koku.

[non-Haruka note: as a result of some poor studying choices I’ve made in the past couple weeks, I will not be able to work on Seto no Hanayome for the next month or so, unless I am extremely lucky. However, this does not mean the project is dropped.]

[semi-SPOILER/helpful note: “ireru” means to insert something; it can also be used in the context of coloring, to ‘fill in’ a space with ink or pencil or what have you.]


  1. Mossflower
    9:15 pm on October 16th, 2009

    The best part of this shows are the innuendos, especially for the episode names.

  2. dead
    9:20 pm on October 16th, 2009

    cool, thanks 😀

  3. Lexica-chan
    11:07 pm on October 16th, 2009

    Thanks for the release! *^_^*

    (For the sake of preventing these errors in future episodes, there were a few things I caught in the OP and ED karaokes…

    OP Karaoke: It looks like there were a lot of mismatched braces or something, cuz there are large chunks of ASS code floating around instead of just the mouse cursor or the spinning hourglass.

    ED Karaoke: One line in the romaji looks like it got eaten or something, and it only shows up as “{\k”. )

    Minus those things, I didn’t spot anything out of place, so keep up the good work! *^_^*

    …uhh… what are you talking about? *serious* We haven’t released an episode of anime in, like, months. I don’t know which episode you’re talking about, but you can always copy/paste text from prior episodes and remux, right? :) Seems like you’re familiar with .ass files, so no problem. I don’t know, I always skip the OP/ED after ep.1 of any series, haha.

  4. REA
    1:15 am on October 17th, 2009

    this reminds me, i need to DL this episode from a certain underground sub group whose name is similar to a certain sound man’s best friend makes.
    ahh… its good to see rebellion in today’s unnecessarily-orderly internet society.

  5. Freedom
    1:21 am on October 17th, 2009

    Hmm, look’s like them dog-noise guys dicked up the karaoke a bit.

    Considering I know nothing about .ass codes what ever shall I do?

  6. xess
    11:07 am on October 17th, 2009

    That crazy karaoke error will be fixed. There will be a v2

  7. Tosh
    4:30 pm on October 17th, 2009

    Why is this titled: Suzumiya Haruka…? Are you comparing Nogizaka Haruka to Suzumiya Haruhi?

    Plz2look at the previous Haruka blog title:

  8. dead
    11:00 pm on October 17th, 2009

    lol wow didnt even realize it says suzumiya…yay for selective reading!

  9. mudduck454
    2:52 pm on October 18th, 2009

    They actually did do better with the subs this time, I bet they go around and see what people say about their work…..

    I still wish you guys picked this up though

    we have it on somewhat dubious authority that CrunchyRoll changed their translator to a much better one starting with episode 2.