This is an update to the first 6, since the encoder didn’t like what c^A did, so we did away with lolreso (1440×1080) and the black bars to make it a better looking and archivable release.  Speaking of, the m33w-ddl is updated as well, with those now available and yes, we still we be working on Mitsu 2 for sure.  I don’t know about how long it’ll take us with Mitsu 1 but you can be sure it’ll get done.

Mitsudomoe Drama CD – The Beginning Of A Legend..
396p / 720p


ItAintEazy – Translation/Editor
Korokun – QCer / Typesetter (ir master @ MS Paint!)
Nicholi – Encoder

In Other News:
– Fighting Beauty Wulong is (or should be…) in process of being encoded and released. Again I do plan on making it a 5pk per release every 2 weeks (or less if it can be helped…) for the next 2 or 3 months. (Or at least till it’s finished.)
– On top of Mitsudomoe 2, I plan on bringing another rare gem (then maybe LGC afterwards….) to the light by releasing Tetsuko no Tabi. It’s really funny and a worthwhile treat for any train fan or would-be. Honestly, anything Yokomi says is pretty damn funny but he has alot of spirit, so I like him and I’m sure you will too.

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