Hey there, here’s the main encoder of m.3.3.w. In case some of you didn’t know, I also have my own group (which has been part of BakaWolf while m.3.3.w was also ‘merged’). Recently I’ve started my own ripping again, more info can be found on: www.BiG-GuY.nl

Here’s a release you fans might be interested in :).
For the ones that have watched the m.3.3.w tv subbed version, you might consider watching this one, it has much better quality then the TVrips + it’s uncensored. It has lots of pantsu, so if that’s your thing 😉 .

Download: Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun DVD(H.264) [Bittorrent]

For the people wondering about the quality. The DVDs are much and much better in quality then the TVrips, the HDTV ones were upscales to begin with (so no REAL HDTV) + the DVDs are clean of errors.

For some comparison shots of TV vs DVD (in terms of ‘censoring’): Link