Sorry for the long wait. Below are links for the SD and HD batches. You can also find these in our IRC channel as well as the DDL page, enjoy!


This isn’t something I normally do but today is a new day. We are in dire need of Quality Checkers (also known as QC) to help QC our current and future releases. If you think you may be interested just find our recruitment channel and ask anyone in the channel with a & or myself.

Just a bit of friendly info before you do so though. Please have some form of experience because we dont want to teach you how to use Aegisub or various other programs or how to turn on your computer.

To all the wonderful guys and gals that have supported m.3.3.w and made my time here wonderful,

Life has finally gotten to the point where I simply can’t get all my real-life obligations taken care of and also sub anime at the same time. Lately, the only reason why projects have been stalling is me having conflicts working with classmates on projects, or as bassist for my new band, or chasing after girls, and subbing has taken a backseat. I don’t want to give you fans any less than you deserve, so in the interests of keeping releases up to the quality I know you’ve all grown to expect from us, I’ve informed the group that I am resigning as translation checker for the group. The only active project this affects is Kimi ni Todoke, and unfortunately, we don’t have a backup TLC, so we’ll be dropping the project. I’m really sorry about this whole disaster, but for the first time I feel like I really have a chance with a girl (not just mai waifu, Tohno Minagi), and I’m in my last year of college, so the projects are really difficult this quarter. Before you ask, no, we can’t just release the subs omitting the TLC stage — the quality subs you get are a result of several revisions to the script, and until we find another subber fluent in Japanese, we feel that the sub quality would suffer too much without my input. You might also wonder why I’m resigning, as opposed to just becoming inactive for a quarter or two until my schedule opens up again — and this is a valid point. I dunno what to say, anime just isn’t as appealing to me anymore. I mean, I was never a huge anime fan, but lately all these plots are starting to sound too much the same. Also, tun and xess aren’t around anymore, and they were sorta the reason I stayed around as long as I have. The new guys and I just don’t get along the same. Overall, I just can’t get as pumped to TLC stuff as I have been in the past.

tl;dr — KnT S2 dropped, asagao resigning.

Wish you all the best.


For those of you who have questions now is your time to have them answered! Kinda…

Now most of the questions come in the form of MM! I can say right now that all the scripts for MM! are complete and good to go. The problem now resides in the typesetting which all of you know we hold to a very high standard so expect some more delays on that end until we find a TS’er with enough time (And skill) to complete MM!

As for KnT2 it is still moving forward at a steady pace as usual. Currently its being TLC’ed and will be edited once the editor decides to come back from the dead.

Also we have seen the spring lineup and are looking into what we may do (If anything) for the next season. Suggestions are welcome but will most likely be ignored.

Anyway if you have questions you know where to find us

~Saoen out

All of us at m.3.3.w wish a happy new year to everyone. And if you’re like me or several others in the group you will most likely already be hammered by this point so have fun typing a reply!

Cheers to 2011!

~love m.3.3.w

p.s. goof sends his best wishes

Thank fucking god this nightmare is finally over. Special thanks goes out to Doki for the TS work (Only crazy fuckers who would do it)


From everyone at m.3.3.w, we all wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have many more to come

Lately I have been reading “You guys are slow fags, MM! ep 12 is already out qq lol” so I’m giving this update to tell everyone whats going on.

MM! is currently stalled but it should be finished before KnT 2 airs (Which is Jan 4th). It is stalled currently at editing and typesetting. We strive for the highest quality possible as quick as possible. But with the typesetter having finals and the editor just being all around busy they just havent had the time to give it their full attention.

As for Hen Zemi it is finally done and will be released as soon as its encoded. We had to go outside the norm a little bit with it and elected to joint with Doki to finally get it finished. To note Doki did all the TS’ing so give them props for not losing their minds in the typesetting nightmare.

And as previously noted by asagao we are going to be doing Kimi ni Todoke s2 for the new season. And the plan right now is to get it out in 24hrs or less and the staff is fully committed to doing so. Either way though its going to come out as quickly as possible.

Any questions or complaints (Which im sure there are both) either post them here or find me on IRC.


Hello, m.3.3.w fan-people, asagao here. Looks like I lied (see this post from a couple weeks ago). Lying is bad, and I realise this, but I hope you’ll forgive me, since, in addition to possibly one other show that we haven’t decided upon yet, we’ll be working on Kimi ni Todoke season 2 (*canned applause and cheering*) for this coming winter season. Seems a lot of people are fairly excited for it, and we (excepting joint projects) haven’t really done what I would consider a “headlining” show since ~Chaos;Head, so I figured we were due, pulled some strings behind the scenes, and here you are. For those wondering about apparent inconsistencies in our philosophy, even though Frostii almost certainly will do a bang-up job, no one wants to wait until 2012, ’cause, like, the world’s going to end before they’re done (we still love you, Frostii <3). Do you want your subs before or after Third Impact?

People seem to have a misconception that we’re a slow subbing group, and I really don’t know where you’d get that from, but rest assured that you’ll see episodes from us on a timely basis. And we’re serious about this. (“orly? yes, rly”) By ‘timely basis,’ we mean about ‘H2O’ or ‘True Tears’ (before it was licensed) speed. Seriously. (Do you guys even remember those shows? If not, re/watch them, they’re good.)

Of note this time around is the fact that we’re borrowing a typesetter, damee, from our friends at Enigma Collective. We do not expect a decrease in quality or speed due to this, so sit down.

Also, I’ve been talking to Korokun about improving the user experience of this site, and after a few nights of heated–

tl;dr – we’re bringing back screencaps for each episode.

That’s about all, folks. We just thought we’d announce now, so all the turd-sub groups (to put it mildly) that pretend like they’re fast, quality subs can just go home. Spread the word.


A lot of people have been asking whats going on since we haven’t done much for a while so here is an update to clear some stuff up.

Hen Zemi right now is stuck at TS since our TS’ers PC is down for the count (Hopefully should be back soon) but let it be known that Hen Zemi has alot of signs so it will still take a bit of time for it to be completed, no one wants shit right?

As for the Eve no Jikan movie it has yet to be TL’ed, but I intend on lashing the TL’er soon as he comes around again.

Other then that we are waiting for a full lineup to select a fall show (maybe two who knows) and when that comes around we will announce here what we are gonna do.

Any questions you can find me on IRC